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Competition boosts sustainability profits in wineries

24 October, 2018

Wineries and vineyards that adopt more sustainability practices have better financial performance, particularly when they perceive significant pressure from competitors.

The benefits of saving energy for manufacturers

25 September, 2018 by John Rieusset, ABB Food and Beverage

Energy efficiency improvements often pay for themselves while helping increase output and reduce operating costs.

Seafood consumers don't trust sustainability claims

17 August, 2018

The Marine Stewardship Council survey found consumers are confused about which sustainability claims they can trust, and many have begun to prioritise price instead.

Achieving your sustainability goals does not mean sacrificing profits

16 August, 2018 by Kevin Piccione

While it makes perfect sense to embrace sustainability and have it engrained into your business culture, the subject of sustainability is often met with concerns surrounding lost profits. But is there any truth to this concern?

Fonterra reduces Brightwater emissions by 25%

09 May, 2018

The coal boiler at Fonterra's Brightwater dairy factory is about to get an upgrade, adding capacity to burn wood biomass to generate steam.

How to reduce sugar plant carbon emissions

04 April, 2018 by Robert Glass, Global Food and Beverage Communications Manager, ABB

In order to improve efficiency in sugar plants, managers must first understand what is causing their plant to consume so much power.

Britain urges takeaways to stop serving salad

27 March, 2018 by Nichola Murphy

A recent survey in the UK found that 99% of salads served alongside takeaway food are thrown away.

Cutting power bills and improving power quality

22 March, 2018

Electricity is not cheap but users can take steps in improving the efficiency of electricity used on site, reduce their bills and improving their overall power quality.

Solar-powered brewery delivers sustainability

13 November, 2017

An integrated solution unlocks real-time visibility into utility usage across brewing, packaging and distribution for improved decision support.

CSIRO survey to develop sustainable food strategies

23 October, 2017

CSIRO's Food Loss Bank is a networked supply chain that collects information on food losses on the farm, at the packing house and during distribution and processing, and attempts to develop food loss reduction strategies.

Salt plant makes 75% of the power it needs

10 August, 2017

An NZ salt manufacturer is adding battery energy storage to its wind turbine so it will only need to get around 25% of its power from the grid.

Off-grid winery goes green

22 June, 2017

Installing solar panels with battery backup has meant Cape Jaffa Wines is carbon neutral for at least nine months each year.

Powering homes with ice-cream waste

02 August, 2016

The sugary sludge consisting of sugar, fat and protein that is left behind after production line cleansing at a UK ice-cream manufacturing plant is to be transformed into bio-methane. This will then go to the National Grid to heat UK homes, thanks to the nearby Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility.

Quantum Power biogas project

26 April, 2016

A biogas project to be undertaken at a large Western Australian pork producer will offset 100% of grid-supplied electricity.

Potato-powered food factory

08 October, 2015

A four-storey-high biorefinery will be powered using potato waste arising from the plant's mashed potato and pie manufacturing lines.

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