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Green manufacturing no pie in the sky

01 March, 2010 by

In a world where navigating the carbon jungle is often considered as ‘just too hard’, a century-old family firm has been rewarded for getting excited about sustainability.

15% reduction in energy use at major Australian dairy plant

08 January, 2010

Process control, instrumentation and electrical engineering solutions provider MIPAC has successfully conducted a pilot at a major Australian Dairy plant that is claimed will lead to a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Towards more energy-efficient cold storage

02 December, 2009

With a continuous global effort to reduce our carbon footprint, refrigeration manufacturers are being pressured to develop more energy-efficient products.

Energy efficiency measurement tool

30 October, 2009 by

Baldor has released a software estimating tool that enables users to evaluate the energy efficiency of electric motors and variable speed drives. Known as BE$T, the Baldor Energy Savings Tool can be downloaded free of charge from the company’s website.

Energy monitoring systems

29 October, 2009 by

Onset’s web-based Hobo U30 Remote Monitoring Systems are now compatible with NorthWrite’s Energy Expert software platform.

Industrial drives

28 August, 2009 by

ABB has launched the ACS850 drive module which features an in-built energy saving calculator, embedded Modbus and drive-to-drive link, intelligent user interface with a series of assistant wizards, integrated safety functions, modular hardware and software, and a removable memory unit.

Driving energy efficiency further

06 April, 2009

The electrical drive industry has an important role to play in the course of the developments in energy markets and the increasing awareness for protection of the environment.

Higher energy efficiency through the optimal interaction of system components

12 February, 2009

As energy costs climb, companies are becoming more and more interested in improving energy productivity and efficiency. Luckily there are many ways this can be cost-effectively achieved.

DEB - Potato powr for HJ Heinz

03 June, 2008

Power from potato peel is just one of the approaches HJ Heinz is using to reduce its environmental footprint and implement its sustainability goals.

Heinz raises energy efficiency

29 March, 2007

It is claimed that a new energy centre for a UK Heinz factory will be 14% more efficient due to help from ABB drives

Pump drive saves energy

19 January, 2007

Traditionally, pumps are started 'DOL' or direct on line. By that we mean when there is demand for (example) water, the operator throws a switch or closes a contactor and the pump turns on

Reducing energy use in an industrial tea drier

11 December, 2006

Drying is the major process used at the Nerada Tea Estates plant in North Queensland, the largest tea growing and processing enterprise in Australia, where green leaf tea is converted into dry black tea

Savings through refrigeration energy management control

06 February, 2006

Businesses can benefit significantly by moving towards energy management practices. Energy management can be incorporated into existing business systems to provide an integrated approach to business sustainability

Generating recycled raw materials and energy from food industry wastes

02 October, 2004

Organic materials from food industry waste streams will be converted into energy and value-added products such as biodegradable plastics and hydrogen using innovative technologies being developed at the University of South Australia.

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