Milk composition analysis

23 January, 2006 | Supplied by:

Advanced Instruments' Combi-Scope Analyser is a reliable system that performs both milk composition analysis and somatic cell counting for rapid milk testing in dairy laboratories.

Dietary fibres

23 January, 2006 | Supplied by:

Sensus' Frutafit and Frutalose inulin/fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are used as part of a balanced diet to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight. These prebiotic dietary fibres are slowly digestible carbs, have a low glycaemic index (GI) and a low calorific value. Added health benefits are that they improve ca-uptake in the body and promote a healthy micro-flora and immune function in the colon. Besides physiological benefits, Frutafit and Frutalose enhance mouth feel and taste through unique texturising properties.

White whole wheat flour

20 January, 2006

Using new milling technology, ConAgra Food Ingredients (USA) has introduced Ultragrain White whole-wheat flour, a product the company describes as a 'revolutionary whole grain flour'.

Preservatives in food report

19 December, 2005

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has released the results of its 21st Australian Total Diet Survey (ATDS) of preservatives in food.

Taking the darkness out of chicken meat

06 November, 2005 by Stephanie Schupska, University of Georgia

Poultry and food scientist Daniel Fletcher is turning dark chicken meat into something more valuable. Through centrifuge and other extraction methods, Fletcher is 'creating' white meat

Potato starch

23 September, 2005 | Supplied by:

A potato starch launched by Avebe could help lower costs and improve baking stability in bakery creams and fruit filling products.

Ice-cream for well-being

23 September, 2005 | Supplied by:

The Frutarom Functional Ice-cream Product Range lets ice-cream manufacturers provide the public with the functional products that it increasingly demands. Low calorie ice-creams and ice-creams containing probiotics are just two examples of added value products. Until now, few ice-cream producers have investigated the benefits of including plant extracts in their products, a trend which the beverage and dairy industries are already taking full advantage of. Exciting products for well-being, combining good taste with a variety of functionalities, offer the manufacturer innumerable opportunities for novel products.

Salt, fat and sugar reduction

23 September, 2005 | Supplied by:

ImpaQ Taste Technology is a range of flavours enabling food processors to reduce levels of salt, fat and sugar in foods and beverages (for salt, by as much as 50%) without compromising the taste.

Phytosterols for dairy

13 September, 2005

Canadian biotech firm Forbes Medi-Tech has gained European approval to market its cholesterol-lowering ingredient Reducol in seven new food applications.

Genes for higher protein milk

09 September, 2005

Israeli scientists have discovered a gene that determines the concentration of protein found in cow's milk, and plan to use that finding to spur the production of higher-protein milk in dairy herds all over the world.

Removing lactose

30 August, 2005

A Finnish innovation has resulted in a patent for the first method for removing lactose from food without affecting flavour.

Benefits of antibiotics in turkey semen

09 August, 2005

The pathogen Campylobacter occurs naturally in turkeys' male and female reproductive tracts. To make things more complicated, it appears that artificial insemination procedures at turkey farms could expand the pathogen's prevalence. But another procedure used on the farm - placing antibiotics in turkey semen - could offer some hope for fighting Campylobacter there.

When crunch comes to chomp

06 August, 2005 by Richard McManuis, Product Manager, Instron Pty Ltd | Supplied by: Instron Pty Ltd

Meeting customer expectations for product quality is essential to success in any competitive industry. In the grain-based food industry the need to maintain quality while satisfying customer demands for new products is an ongoing problem

Low GI fibres for weight management

03 August, 2005

Inulin is low-glycaemic and can be used in foods designed for weight management, claims Sensus.

Compound may help prevent diabetes in fast-food fans

31 July, 2005

Chemists with the US Department of Agriculture report they have identified a form of soluble cellulose that, if added to high-fat food items, appears to slow down fat absorption to a healthier rate and reduce the likelihood of developing insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes. The preliminary animal study was described at the 229th national meeting of the American Chemical Society.

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