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An alternative to soy in the dairy-free segment

15 February, 2011

Rice, oats and, more recently, almonds are providing alternatives to soy in the dairy-free food market sector. In particular, almonds featured in a rising number of new product launches during 2010.

AIP forum covers package code management

10 February, 2011

‘The Packaging Supply Chain’ is the theme behind the fourth biennial AIP National Technical Forum, which will be held alongside Auspack Plus 2011.

New daily intake guide from AFGC

31 January, 2011

Australian shoppers will be able to formulate a balanced diet and make healthier food choices following the launch of a new Daily Intake Guide consumer education campaign by the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

Folic acid addition in bread is improving health

19 January, 2011

News that adding folic acid to bread flour is improving levels of folate in the Australian population is welcome, said Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing Catherine King.

Arla Foods Ingredients creates lactose-free technology

17 January, 2011

Lactose-intolerant consumers around the world may soon be able to obtain the dairy nutrition they need from lactose-free products that are claimed to taste like the real thing.

AVEBE and BASF Plant Science start R&D cooperation on genetically optimised amylopectin starch potatoes

13 January, 2011

The potato starch manufacturer AVEBE and the plant biotechnology company BASF Plant Science have announced a research and development alliance in plant biotechnology. The companies are combining their competencies in biotechnology discovery and genetically modified potato breeding with the aim of bringing farmers modern and fungal-resistant starch potato varieties.

Lupin proteins offer alternative to animal ingredients

10 January, 2011

Lupin seeds can be used to produce low-fat sausage products, allowing processors to replace animal raw ingredients with vegetable materials.

Research collaboration to deliver ‘healthier’ grains

20 December, 2010

Four of Australia’s research institutions will collaborate closely over the next three years to fast-track development of new ‘healthier’ varieties of three of the world’s most widely cultivated cereal grains.

Measurement of organic acids in dietary supplements

17 November, 2010

NIST researchers have developed new certified reference materials for measuring amounts of organic acids in dietary supplements formulated with Vaccinium berries - cranberries, blueberries and bilberries.

Safeguarding organic pork with natural nitrate and antimicrobials

17 November, 2010

Vegetable juice powder could provide a natural source of nitrate to serve as a curing agent for pork products without affecting the 'natural' and 'organic' labelling. If other natural antimicrobials are added to the mix, naturally cured pork products are possible.

Fighting selenium deficiency

12 November, 2010

With selenium deficiency prevalent in South-East Asia, University of Adelaide researchers are studying the best biofortification for lowland rice production.

Coles broadens sow stall-free pork initiative

10 November, 2010

Coles has announced that it intends to broaden its sow stall-free fresh pork initiative to include all forms of the company's brand pork including processed ham and bacon products produced in both Australia and overseas from 2014.

Taylors screw cap - a decade on

09 November, 2010

It's 10 years since Taylors Wines started using the screw cap in preference to corks on its wines. The company has surveyed consumers to find out how their perceptions of screw cap v corks had changed.

Hard work improves the taste of food

09 November, 2010

A Johns Hopkins University study indicates that if you have to expend more effort to get a certain food, not only will you value that food more, it might even taste better to you.

Pigs reveal secrets

05 November, 2010

Scientists have developed a technique to evaluate meat cuts by the light waves they emit.

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