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Norway harvests genomic expertise

14 June, 2011

Norway is cooperating with Canada and Chile to sequence the salmon genome. The knowledge generated could provide the answers to several problematic issues involving Norwegian farmed salmon - and lead to major competitive advantages for companies taking part in the project.

Molecular diagnostics technology aids management of E. coli crisis

14 June, 2011

A new xTAG gastrointestinal pathogen panel has been used to triage patients suspected of having an E. coli infection at German Kliniken der Stadt Koln.

Scientists are taking the bitterness out of good health

10 June, 2011

Scientists are working on bitter blockers to take the bitterness out of drug compliance and nutrition.

Sage-N Research signs microbial identification agreement

06 June, 2011

Sage-N Research has signed an exclusive agreement with the US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center to license technology for microbial identification.

UQ develops renewable organic source of omega-3

03 June, 2011

The University of Queensland is assisting an Australian agricultural-biotechnology company to harvest omega-3 oil from organically grown algae rather than fish stocks or plants.

Addictive foods

31 May, 2011

Some people react to certain foods the same way an alcoholic or addict gets hooked on their substance of choice. Now some researchers are claiming that some processed food manufacturers know this and create their formulas and recipes so consumers will become addicted to their product.

Dow expands its Packaging Center of Excellence

23 May, 2011

The Dow Chemical Company is doubling the staff of its packaging centre in Switzerland in order to expand the centre's capabilities for testing and prototyping adhesive laminating and film structure for food and beverage packaging needs.

Relaunch of nutrient database

18 May, 2011

A new version of a popular nutrient database used by consumers and researchers to find out what nutrients are in food has been launched.

Biosystèmes Fizz sensory software

13 May, 2011 | Supplied by: Arrow Scientific

Fizz sensory software from Biosystèmes can be used for quality assurance, R&D and consumer testing. It is a computer tool that allows for fast sensory test session planning and organisation, provides automated data collection and storage, and also assists with result computation.

Dow Microbial testing laboratory opens in Melbourne

13 May, 2011

The Dow Microbial Control Customer Application Center (CAC) has opened in Altona, Melbourne, allowing customers access to state-of-the-art testing laboratories and innovative formulations, in line with local regulatory requirements.

Modelling tool for safer pork

10 May, 2011

IFR has helped develop a tool for modelling the growth of Salmonella in the pork supply chain as part of an EU-funded research program investigating the main sources of contamination that cause human salmonellosis.

Survey on chemicals used in food packaging

06 May, 2011

As the issue of chemical migration from food contact packaging materials receives more attention, FSANZ has released a survey on the range of chemicals used in packaging materials.

Types of gut microbiota affect intake of nutrients

04 May, 2011

A metagenomics study has discovered that every human being’s intestinal system consists of one of three types of gut microbiota, which in turn affects the intake of medicines and nutrients into the body.

Packaging trends in Australia and NZ

02 May, 2011 by Carolyn Jackson

At the Australian Institute of Packaging - National Technical Forum last month, the latest packaging trends were discussed. Here is a summary.

Scientists are taking the bitterness out of good health

23 April, 2011

Scientists are working on bitter blockers to take the bitterness out of drug compliance and nutrition.

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