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Reducing tuber crop losses in Africa and Asia

09 July, 2013

Around 700 million people in Africa and Asia rely on yams and cassava for food and income. But harvesting these staple crops isn’t easy: losses during harvesting and processing are exceptionally high, at 60% for yams and 30% for cassava.

Mettler Toledo inventory control white paper

18 June, 2013

Mettler Toledo has published a white paper, Inventory Control: Tank and Silo Weighing, which explores the benefits of tank and silo weighing as well as gravimetric level control.

Newcastle Systems PC Series Mobile Powered Workstation

23 May, 2013

For efficient inventory management in warehouses, distribution centres and other manufacturing facilities, the PC Series Mobile Powered Workstation has onboard power to run a computer, a printer and other devices simultaneously.

Loscam stacks up the clients with IBC 16

13 November, 2012

Loscam’s first foray into the bulk containers business, the Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), is receiving positive feedback from its first clients.

Vocollect SRX2 wireless headset for distribution centres and warehouses

19 October, 2012

Vocollect has released the SRX2 wireless headset for Australian distribution centres (DCs) and warehouses. Its voice-recognition performance is claimed to enhance workers’ operational efficiency.

Colby raised storage areas

23 March, 2012

Colby raised storage areas can increase the usable floor area of factories and distribution centres, subject to regulatory approval.

Bravi Spin-Go compact stock picking unit

17 February, 2012

Warequip has extended its Powered 2 Go range with the Bravi Spin-Go stock-picking unit.

Dematic Colby Drive-In Rack for high-density pallet storage

02 November, 2011

Colby Drive-In Rack is a versatile solution for high-density pallet storage that maximises the use of warehouse space. It can be tailored to meet individual needs depending on pallet configuration and load and warehouse design requirements, including product range and stock movement rate as well as the type of materials handling equipment. Dematic’s Rackman design software can be used to configure the best and most cost-effective racking solution, ensuring safety integrity and compliance with Australian and International design standards.

Silo selection for super storage

02 August, 2011

In dry bulk storage, quality and value drive today’s silo selection process. With advances in fabrication technology, engineering design, coating processes and field construction techniques, some storage products utilised in the past have become outdated, while other products have pushed to the front of the line in product development and field performance.

ColbyRack racking

22 July, 2011 by

ColbyRack is engineered and manufactured in Australia and designed to suit Australian and New Zealand industrial applications.

The Tasman Tank Company bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) steel silos

26 May, 2011 by

The Tasman Tank Company has expanded its range of storage solutions to include bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) steel silos for a wide range of dry bulk materials.

Colby UU-Beam

16 February, 2011 by

Damage to storage systems by forklifts is an ongoing and costly problem in high-volume distribution centres (DCs) and can contribute to workplace accidents.

Colby raised storage areas

07 January, 2011 by

Colby raised storage areas can double the usable floor area in warehouses or distribution centres using standard pallet racking components. This would, of course, be subject to the obtainment of the usual development, building and fire approvals.

BSP Engineering spiralled silo systems

08 July, 2010 by

BSP Engineering spiralled silo systems use a rolled Lipp form construction and, as no welding is required, typical common welded silo problems such as weld fatigue, quality issues, rusting and delivery (damage, avoids special permit and delivery curfew) issues are avoided.

Plasti Cabstore corrosives storage cabinets

06 May, 2010 by

Plasti Ltd has launched the Cabstore class eight corrosives storage cabinets. The cabinet is made in New Zealand from environmentally friendly, highly robust, polyvinyl chloride.

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