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Norgren Hydra-D desiccant air dryers

30 September, 2014

Norgren has introduced the Hydra-D range of high-purity desiccant air dryers. The dryers use the pressure swing absorption principle to efficiently dry compressed air, minimising the risk of water contamination.

Mobile equipment transfer trial goes live

29 September, 2014

CHEP Australia has announced a mobile equipment transfer trial. The technology used in the trial will enable customers to transfer equipment accountability at the same time that merchandise passes through their receipt and dispatch docks.

Tracking fresh produce to maximise shelf life

09 September, 2014

Researchers have turned the traditional 'first in, first out' approach to fresh produce distribution on its head, suggesting that a 'first expired, first out' approach would be more suitable when dealing with delicate fruits and vegetables like strawberries.

Yearsley Logistics creates frozen food 'Super Hub' in UK with £20m expansion

13 August, 2014

Yearsley Logistics, the UK's largest distributor of frozen foods, is expanding its cold store facilities to create a northern 'Super Hub', where stock will be consolidated for more efficient delivery into major retailers and food service organisations.

The four mistakes businesses make when expanding

06 June, 2014

The transition from a small to a larger business is not simply a matter of producing more; it poses many challenges and requires a long-term growth strategy. Finance, storage, distribution and staffing are just some of the key barriers to expansion.

MTI Qualos insulated traffic doors

20 May, 2014

MTI Qualos introduces its commercial and industrial insulated traffic doors. The rugged doors operate smoothly, require little maintenance and are built to survive in even tough applications, ie, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, laboratories and coolrooms.

Voice-operated picking system delivers results

19 May, 2014

Schweppes Australia changed its paper-based picking system over to a voice-operated system in its Archerfield distribution centre. The new system has improved efficiency, accuracy and worker safety.

Inecom AccellosOne WMS version 6.5

21 March, 2014

Inecom’s AccellosOne Warehouse Management System (WMS) version 6.5 workflow technology enables end users to modify WMS functionality without source code modifications or proprietary scripting languages.

Dexion high-density satellite pallet storage system

14 March, 2014

Dexion's high-density satellite pallet storage solution is suitable for businesses requiring high-density storage of multiple pallets. The solution optimises storage against available volume by leveraging available depth space.

Dexion Clearspan Heavy Duty Cantilever for storing extra-long items

20 February, 2014

Dexion's Clearspan Heavy Duty Cantilever has been designed to support items that are heavy, long and cumbersome to store. It enables fast and direct retrieval of stored products. It is designed to accommodate items that cannot be palletised.

Bates Cargo dunnage bags

15 November, 2013

Bates Cargo dunnage bags are used to fill cargo voids, preventing unwanted cargo movement and damage to goods.

TMHA SpotMe collision warning system for warehouses

09 September, 2013

The SpotMe safety system was designed to guard against collisions at 'blind' intersections within a warehouse. It can guard against both forklift-to-forklift and forklift-pedestrian collisions.

Efaflex STR High Speed Door

01 August, 2013

DMF supplies the Efaflex STR High Speed Door, which it claims is the fastest in the world, with an option to open at 4 m/s. The doors are custom manufactured in Germany and can be made to suit openings up to 6 x 7 m.

Australian Warehouse Solutions MBD99 desiccant

26 July, 2013

MBD99 desiccant from Australian Warehouse Solutions can protect container shipments by keeping cargo dry. The clay-based desiccant comes in a variety of sizes to protect shipments in boxes or individual pallets, through to full container loads.

Wiley signs $8m contract for Cerebos warehouse

17 July, 2013

Wiley has signed a contract with Cerebos Australia to expand and refurbish its warehouse at Seven Hills in Sydney. The upgrade will provide Cerebos with a larger, optimised warehouse space and address current logistics, safety and storage issues.

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