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Could African swine fever kill Australia's pork industry?

05 September, 2019

As African swine fever devastates China's pork industry, the Liberal National Government is fighting to prevent the disease from entering Australia.

BOGE BLUEprotect pest protection

11 April, 2019

BOGE's BLUEprotect is a container solution to protect against pests in grain storage.

Minimising the fruit fly menace

18 October, 2018

Protecting crops from fruit flies and minimising insecticide use are on the horizon thanks to a CSIRO spin-off.

Adams Pest Control electronic monitoring device

10 August, 2018

Adams Pest Control has technology that allows rapid response to pests via a free mobile app.

AEPMA launches pest management handbook for food service operators

23 September, 2014

The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) has compiled a pest management handbook for food service business operators.

Flick-Anticimex Envirosol automated pest management solution

14 March, 2014

Envirosol is an automated misting and integrated pest management solution that uses liquid carbon dioxide under high pressure to dissolve and propel active ingredients of pesticides as aerosols in enclosed spaces.

Hello ladies

28 February, 2014

Food crop yields and profitability soar when non-fertile flies are dropped over growing areas where they mate with the females but do not father a next generation of pests. But male pests sterilised by radiation tend not to be as attractive to the females - so what is needed is a way to "George Clooney-ise" the sterile flies.

Don't let your business go to the rats

03 September, 2013

Food manufacturers need to be vigilant of rodent infestations to prevent reputation backlash and physical damage to their businesses.

Adams Pest Control Alert24+ remote rodent monitoring system

14 June, 2013

Alert24+ rodent traps are a pesticide-free system for remote monitoring and control of rodent pests. The traps communicate via an on-site base station to Adams’ secure Alert24+ servers.

BaitSafe baiting station for controlling rodents and crawling insects

13 February, 2013

BaitSafe offers a HACCP-certified alternative to conventional methods of traditional surface baiting. BaitSafe is certified throughout the food industry for use in controlling rodents and crawling insects.

Insect-O-Matic Nectar fruit fly control unit

26 August, 2011 by

Insect-O-Matic has introduced the Nectar unit which can be used to discreetly control fruit flies as well as other flying insect pests. This insect control device specifically targets fungal gnats (commonly known as fruits flies, vinegar flies or bar flies).

Rentokil PestNetOnline pest control management system upgrade

23 May, 2011 by

Rentokil has released an upgraded version of PestNetOnline, its pest control management system, with a range of innovative features.

Beekeepers rally against Asian bee

28 February, 2011

A new initiative called ‘Food Security needs Bee Security’ has formed in order to fight against the Asian bee within Australia.

Rentokil Pest Management PestAware education program

05 November, 2010 by

Rentokil Pest Management education programs include the PestAware program which provides staff with some simple tips on helping avoid pest problems. The program is particularly pertinent during summer when the weather conditions are much more conducive to increased pest activities. During this time, both manufacturers and the pest managers must increase their vigilance and management practices during the warmer months to counter the more favourable conditions.

Pureheat air-extraction and adhesive-board insect control range

15 October, 2010

Pureheat has released a range of air-extraction and adhesive-board insect control products suitable for food processing and food production.

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