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Mondi expands capacity for sustainable pet food packaging

22 July, 2022

Almost $100 million will be invested to increase capacity at three of Mondi's plants in order to meet growing demand for sustainable pet food packaging solutions.

Partnership formed to increase ARL usage in NZ

19 July, 2022

The APCO and the FGC will be working to increase use of the Australasian Recycling Label in New Zealand.

Food colouring in recycled bottles

11 July, 2022

McCormick has worked with Berry to introduce 100% recycled plastic bottles for its food colouring range.

Growing beer bottles on trees

24 June, 2022

A recyclable fibre-based beer bottle that also keeps beer cool is now set to be trialled across eight European markets by Carlsberg.

Absolut to launch fibre-based bottle cap

24 June, 2022

The vodka company is working with Blue Ocean Closures to develop a recyclable lid made from sustainable fibres.

Recycled plastic wine bottle launches in Australia

22 June, 2022

The bottle is made entirely of recycled plastics and its slimmer, lighter design can help to reduce shipping costs and emissions.

Researchers develop spray-on food wrap

22 June, 2022

An antimicrobial, plant-based food wrap has been developed to replace plastic, enhance protection and reduce spoilage.

Walki recyclable material for frozen food segment

14 June, 2022

The Walki range of recyclable solutions for frozen food packaging includes WalkiEVO Seal and WalkiOpti Seal, Lamibel MDO-PE, and WalkiPack Tray.

A packaging sea-change

10 June, 2022

A yoghurt company is using plastic that has been recycled from the ocean for its containers.

KitKat's new packaging gives environment a break

06 June, 2022

KitKat bars across Australia will now be served up in packaging that uses recycled content, marking a first for the brand.

Rosella ladles up paper-based soup cartons

01 June, 2022

The company has begun to use paper-based packaging in place of cans for a selection of soup flavours.

Arnott's commits to recyclable packaging

01 June, 2022

The biscuit company has committed to transition its soft plastic packaging from multi- to mono-material, so it is fully recyclable, by the end of 2023.

Klöckner Pentaplast urges closed loop for food packaging

26 May, 2022

The company is encouraging others to recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays to create a circular economy for food packaging.

Most Australians want ARL on packaging

28 April, 2022

A report conducted by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation shows that most want increased recycling information.

Thanh Phu 100% recyclable pouches

21 April, 2022

Perfect Automation has partnered with Thanh Phu, which produces fully accredited recyclable pouches.

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