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Steam cleaning in food processing

11 August, 2006

There is no need to emphasise the importance of cleanliness in food processing plants. To eliminate bacteria, viruses and Grime from surfaces and equipment, it is imperative to adopt an effective cleaning and sanitisation program. Steam Australia's steam cleaning equipment provides the necessary cleaning and sanitisation to accomplish this goal.

Measuring cell for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone

11 August, 2006

The main difference between the new measuring AquaCell and previous models is its modular structure. The same basic housing is used for the entire range and the difference between the various types is limited to a small number of key components geared to the relevant function.

Utilising the internet to manage pests

11 August, 2006

Better pest control management is now made possible with the PestNet service offered by Rentokil Pest Control.

Cleaning up with steam

10 July, 2006

Steam Australia, Sydney-based company supplies a range of steam cleaning machines and reports that market demand has far exceeded its expectations.

Hard floor maintenance

06 March, 2006 by Chris Koeppel

At first blush, a hard floor surface seems safe enough. But get the floor wet or fail to remove all the soapy residue from the floor after cleaning, and suddenly a hard floor surface is inherently dangerous

Technology beats kitchen bugs

16 February, 2006

Food poisoning may become a thing of the past, if commercial kitchens link their appliances to the internet, a research group from Information Society Technologies (IST).

Ozone in the food industry

06 February, 2006

Ozone is a gas that can be readily generated at point of use and used directly as an oxidising biocide, odour control agent or sterilising agent with food, beverages or site water

Plain ol' salt water does the trick

30 January, 2006

Researchers at Penn State University in the US have devised a novel way to clean and disinfect milking equipment, using little more than salt water. The new method could be a safer and cheaper alternative to conventional cleaning systems.

Insect controller

23 January, 2006

A new generation flying insect control system has been introduced by Rentokil Pest Control called Luminos 3.

Would you like Salmonella with that?

06 January, 2006

Most people properly associate Salmonella with raw poultry. But according to an analysis of food-poisoning outbreaks, fresh produce is catching up with chicken as a major culprit of Salmonella infections

New generation mouse trap

08 December, 2005

Rentokil Pest Control has introduced RADAR into Australia - an environmentally friendly, safe, humane and deadly efficient rodent control.

Hygienic cleaning

15 August, 2005

Aussie Red Equipment's Aqua Fortis Clean & Capture range of food production cleaning equipment has four models. All are quality endorsed by HACCP and are more than just a pressure washer.

Laser coders maintain hygiene

22 June, 2005

SCA Hygiene Australasia used to think laser coders were prohibitively expensive.

Food facility cleaning

17 March, 2005

The Aqua Fortis 1700 Series High Pressure Clean & Capture System is claimed to save users time, money and chemicals. The system captures up to 98% of the water being used with no run-off or damage to surrounding areas.

Tank cleaning system

20 August, 2004

Autojet Technologies, a division of Spraying Systems Co, has introduced an upgradeable tank cleaning system that is precisely controlled to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. The four basic components in the AutoJet Tank Cleaning System are: a Spraying Systems Co tank washer or tank cleaning nozzle, a control panel containing an AutoJet Spray Controller, a specially selected pump and an engineered process control package. The system is field upgradable to add both chemical injection and liquid recirculation features to automatically maintain consistent tank cleaning results.

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