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Boot washing device

10 April, 2008

Bootomatic (patent pending) is designed for both small and medium food and related processing plants which require effective cleaning and sanitising of boots.

Hygiene-critical design

07 April, 2008

Machinery that is designed to be easy to clean and sanitise can save food processors time and minimise food contamination risks.

Floor scrubber

12 March, 2008

The T15 battery-powered industrial ride-on floor scrubber with FaST from Tennant offers the combination of industrial-strength performance as well as productivity and safety.

Keeping factory air and premises clean

10 August, 2007

For businesses involved in handling or production of food products, keeping plant air free from dust, mist and fumes is fundamental to preserving worker health and wellbeing. Clean air is also vital to upholding the stringent cleanliness levels necessary for the provision of high quality food products.

Cleaning equipment

10 August, 2007

Tennant cleaning equipment claims to improve productivity, safety and site cleanliness. The scrubbers are AQIS and NSF approved and suitable for use in and around food processing areas.

Managing cockroaches

11 April, 2007

Cockroaches breed prolifically and can carry salmonella so it is vital to control them in any food preparation or processing areas.

Cleaning equipment

12 March, 2007

Tennant cleaning equipment claims to improve productivity, safety and site cleanliness. The scrubbers are AQIS and NSF approved and suitable for use in and around food processing areas.

Trade fair focuses on automation, traceability and hygiene

11 January, 2007

The international meat-processing industry will get together at IFFA, Leading International Trade Fair for the Meat Industry: Processing, Packaging, Sales, in Frankfurt am Main, 5-10 May.

Hygiene group interrupts bugs' sex lives

20 December, 2006

Food industry cleaning company, Hygiene Group is using science to disrupt moth mating cycles and prevent them contaminating chocolate bars.

Automatic chlorine dioxide compact system

13 November, 2006

Alldos has developed the Oxiperm 164 chlorine dioxide preparation system for efficient and safe water disinfection. The Oxiperm 164 D is suitable for diluted solutions and the Oxiperm 164 C is suitable for concentrated components.

Chlorine dioxide disinfection

13 September, 2006

This article discusses the application of chlorine dioxide preparation systems as a disinfection agent in the sectors of drinking water, bottle disinfection and power stations

Aqueous chlorine dioxide

13 September, 2006

Chlorine dioxide is claimed to be a safe and potent broad spectrum biocide that is effective over a wide pH range in hard and soft water and does not react with other chemicals and impurities to produce harmful bi-products. Until recently the only way to use ClO2 was by producing it on site. However, due to recent technological advances, Actisan (a 2000 ppm solution of chlorine dioxide gas) is now available.

Consumer hygiene fears keeps Scottish food industry on its toes

04 September, 2006

A major outbreak of E.coli 0157 poisoning in which 500 people were affected and 20 people died, seems to have led to improvements in the management of food risks in the retail and catering industries in Scotland, according to ESRC funded research at the London School of Economics.

Utilising the internet to manage pests

11 August, 2006

Better pest control management is now made possible with the PestNet service offered by Rentokil Pest Control.

Steam cleaning in food processing

11 August, 2006

There is no need to emphasise the importance of cleanliness in food processing plants. To eliminate bacteria, viruses and Grime from surfaces and equipment, it is imperative to adopt an effective cleaning and sanitisation program. Steam Australia's steam cleaning equipment provides the necessary cleaning and sanitisation to accomplish this goal.

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