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"Our products can make you ugly, fat, and unhappy" — alcohol marketing in Sweden

29 June, 2016

In Sweden you can only buy alcohol during restricted weekday hours, until 3 pm on Saturdays and not at all on Sundays or holidays. And you can only buy it from one state-owned monopoly — Systembolaget.

FSANZ issues food recall plan template

23 May, 2016

FSANZ has produced a food recall plan template to help food businesses develop their own food recall systems.

Getting your product noticed in the supermarket

04 May, 2016

Getting shoppers to choose your ready meals rather than another brand's, or to even select some ready meals at all, is not simple. Phillip Adcock, managing director of Shopping Behaviour Xplained, looks at the difficulties consumers face as they shop in their local supermarkets.

Fallout following contaminated sprouts in SA and NT

04 May, 2016 by Janette Woodhouse

Whose reputations suffer as a result of the contaminated sprouts incident in South Australia and the Northern Territory?

Drive Yello delivery management platform for food vendors

03 May, 2016

Drive Yello is a delivery management platform and marketplace that allows food vendors to outsource their delivery capability.

New food delivery platform for Melbourne

19 April, 2016

The UberEATS app — available on iOS and Android — will enable consumers to select meals from more than 80 local restaurants, covering a diverse range of culinary experiences, cuisines and cultures, and have them delivered to their door.

Sherpa targets 'last mile' delivery needs

21 March, 2016

Sherpa has announced it will add four-hour and same-day delivery services to its current delivery platform for individuals and businesses.

Ensuring food safety when serving 81 million meals/year

17 March, 2016

Serving more than 81 million meals each year gives Disney a lot of experience in managing food safety and now the company is licensing its food safety system to outside restaurants and chains.

Australia leading the world in Salmonella outbreaks

09 March, 2016

Did you know that Australia currently has more Salmonella outbreaks than any other country?

Food audit fact sheet

08 March, 2016

The NSW Food Authority publishes a fact sheet on food audits.

Etihad keeps its cool at hot airports

04 February, 2016

Etihad Cargo and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology have joined forces to develop a new hybrid cool dolly to transport temperature-sensitive cargo from aircraft to warehouse.

HLP Controls Model G7 temperature monitoring via internet

01 December, 2015

HLP Controls’ Model G7 monitors temperatures and humidity remotely via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Mitsubishi FB13-20TCB electric forklift truck

17 November, 2015

Mitsubishi's series of 3-wheel electric forklift trucks is suitable for the busy food and retail industries.

Mint-X Rodent and Cockroach Repellent Garbage Bags

05 November, 2015

Mint-X repellent garbage bags feature a patented blend of natural oils that are effective in repelling rodents and cockroaches.

Preparing food for the tiniest of tummies

29 September, 2015

A simple change to the delivery system for intravenous nutrition could have a life-or-death impact on the survival rates of premature babies, a study has found.

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