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Trays for dogs

09 August, 2007

Forthglade has selected multilayer trays from RPC Bebo UK Corby for its revamped dog food range

Blow-moulded retort containers

13 June, 2007

Gilpin and Company has been awarded exclusive distribution rights in Asia-Pacific for Silgan Plastics Corporation's OMNI injection blow-moulded retort containers. The multilayer, high-barrier plastic bowls and cylinders (cups) are designed for shelf stable processed foods that can be heated in a microwave oven and served. Silgan's OMNI retort containers are suitable for categories like soup and prepared entrees because they are lightweight, portable and, above all, microwaveable. Consumers have embraced the convenience this packaging format offers.

Paper innovation holds promise for improved global health

27 May, 2007

A Canadian-invented bioactive paper has been developed that contains the ingredients to detect and ward off life-threatening bacteria and viruses like E.coli, salmonella and SARS.

No more warm beer

23 May, 2007

An American brewing company, Coors, has released a beer bottle that changes colour when the beer is at the optimal drinking temperature.

Bag-in-box beer

18 May, 2007

In a partnership with Bavarian brewer Ankerbrau, Rapak has launched a bag-in-box system for the keg beer market

Alternative to wine bottle

09 May, 2007

The Western Australian winemaker, Palandri Wine, has revealed the 'Cheer Pack' - an innovative wine product designed to suit modern lifestyles and address environmental issues

Bottle and glass combined

16 April, 2007

Hardy Wine Company - Australia's largest wine producer - has unveiled the Shuttle, an all-in-one, bottle-glass package

Alipack label applicator

11 December, 2006

Alipack has introduced the Trito 50 label applicator head. It is an automatic self-adhesive label applicator which can be combined with an existing production line. The unit is suitable for the application of labels onto flat or slightly irregular products.

Case-ready tray designs

11 December, 2006

Cryovac Australia has European case-ready tray designs which can replace the old 9 x 7" food tray typically seen in retail outlets which has been the market leader for the past six years.

Cartridge filters

11 October, 2006

The Ultra-Web cartridge filters claim to create cleaner, safer air for workers, longer filter life and greater cost savings.

Tamper-evident seals

11 October, 2006

Burgess Printing & Packaging has developed smart tamper-evident seals that can be used for sealing cartons and other packaging material.

Lower cost option to produce PET jars from MAER

13 September, 2006

MAER trimmers are now available as a cost competitive solution for the production of wide mouth PET jars.

First Australian-made system for Zip-Pak slider

16 February, 2006

PROPAC Industrial Pty Ltd together with Zip-Pak, a leading global resealable technology provider, have introduced the first Australian-made Zip-Pak slider system at the recent AUSPACK 2005.

Zip-pack formats extended

23 September, 2005

Zip-Pak has announced that UVA Packaging has launched a vertical form/fill/seal technology that applies slider zippers to corner-sealed and block bottom bags. The Newton 400 is capable of producing over six different types of flexible packages. The technology is suitable for pet food, powdered products and frozen food packages ranging from two to seven kilograms.

Oxygen absorbing packets & strips

20 July, 2005

FreshPax™ is a patented oxygen absorber pioneered by Multisorb Technologies to protect packaged foods and other products against spoilage, mold growth, color change, rancidity, loss of nutritive values, insect damage and losses of quality.

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