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Twice the speed and improved quality for tortilla producer

26 August, 2021

A new conveyor process was introduced to the tortilla producer's existing manufacturing facility in Athens, Greece.

Flexicon BULK-OUT BFF Series Mobile Bulk Bag Discharger with Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor

30 July, 2021

The Flexicon Mobile Bulk Bag Discharger with Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor allows dust-free discharging of bulk solid materials and conveying to downstream process equipment or storage vessels throughout the plant.

Key Technology Marathon vibratory conveyors with monobeam construction

22 July, 2021

Key Technology introduces its Marathon vibratory conveyors with monobeam construction.

Electric truck for VB beer deliveries in Melbourne

21 July, 2021

The Volvo FL all-electric truck will be the first of many Linfox electric vehicles that deliver Victoria Bitter.

Flexco Europe Aero Connectivity app for conveyor belt assembly

24 May, 2021

To further enhance belt splice connections, Flexco Europe now connects its splice presses with an app that displays important cycle data.

Shaking up powdered chocolate mix production

13 April, 2021

A protein shake maker has improved productivity and worker safety using two mobile flexible screw conveyors from Flexicon, each dedicated to a separate blender.

Cold chain packaging market continues rise after pandemic

09 February, 2021

New research has found the cold chain packaging market has grown significantly and will continue its inclining course over the next decade.

Leuze introduces the DRT 25C diffuse sensor with CAT technology

01 February, 2021 by Dr. Marie-Theres Heine – Germany Product Manager – Binary Switching Sensors

DRT 25C dynamic reference diffuse sensor can scan complex products on conveyor belts through the use of CAT technology.

Enmin modular components — the perfect recipe for any food manufacturer

14 December, 2020

It's hard to predict the future, which is why our range of modular components ensures you can build a complete product handling system that meets your needs today and can easily be added to, expanded and changed as your business evolves.

Peanut butter output capacity doubled at dedicated facility

13 November, 2020

Bulk bag dischargers and flexible screw conveyors have doubled peanut butter output capacity at a new facility dedicated to peanut butter production.

Interroll Crossbelt Sorter MX 025H automatic sorting solution

14 October, 2020

The Interroll Crossbelt Sorter MX 025H automatic sorting solution is capable of handling up to 20,000 conveyed goods per hour.

'Traffic light' system for grading avocados

07 May, 2020

A laser and vibration technique that determines the perfect ripeness of avocados without damaging the fruit has been developed to help reduce waste in the supply chain.

Food-contact surface coating to help prevent contamination

05 May, 2020

Researchers are developing a water-repellent coating that can be applied to food-contact surfaces such as conveyor belts to help prevent cross-contamination of produce.

Eriez Xtreme metal detection unit

14 February, 2020

The Eriez Xtreme MD is capable of detecting needles, pins, etc inserted into food, and alerts users when a metal contaminant is found.

Vibratory equipment: a key ingredient in chocolate line

07 February, 2020

Whittaker's requested Enmin to design and build a custom piece of equipment that could facilitate six different flavours of chocolate in its new line.

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