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Chr. Hansen VEGA Culture Kit for fermented plant bases

05 August, 2021

Chr. Hansen launches the VEGA Culture Kit specifically developed for fermented plant bases.

Chr. Hansen FreshQ food cultures for fermentation

10 June, 2021

Chr. Hansen has launched the next generation of FreshQ food cultures for fermentation — enabling bioprotection of dairy products.

The microbial life of sourdough

03 February, 2021

New research has garnered insight into the relationship between sourdough and its starting ingredients' microbial ecosystem.

FreshQ DA food culture solution

03 December, 2020

Now in its third generation, the latest version is aimed at the growing market for fermented plant-based foods.

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences dairy cultures

08 September, 2020

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has launched new dairy cultures that are said to enable faster fermentation and higher probiotic counts.

Chr. Hansen develops culture that reduces browning of cheeses

03 September, 2020

The F-DVS Pure Appeal culture is designed to help pasta filata makers produce mozzarella-type cheeses with a tailored level of browning for use on pizzas.

Bread 'trash' is microbial treasure

29 February, 2020

Research in Italy shows that old bread can be repurposed to act as a medium for cultivating microbial starters for food industries such as bakeries, dairy and winemaking.

DuPont wins award for its cultures

03 September, 2019

DuPont was awarded the 'Most Innovative Ingredient of the Year' award at the Fi South American tradeshow, for its Danisco VEGE cultures.

DuPont Danisco VEGE cultures range

07 May, 2019

The DuPont Danisco VEGE cultures range is designed for fermented plant-based products, responding to key health, wellness and taste and texture trends.

DuPont increases its probiotics capacity

01 April, 2019

DuPont has completed construction on a new probiotics fermentation unit at its Rochester facility, which is expected to increase probiotic capacity by 70%.

Probiotic bacteria can damage the gut

29 March, 2019

Probiotics are living bacteria taken to promote digestive health, but a study on mice suggests they evolve in the gut and may become harmful over time.

Gut health research on display

21 March, 2019

Twenty-three new abstracts looking at advances in gut microbiome research will be presented at the 2019 Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit.

Chr. Hansen DVS WHITE FLORA white cheese starter culture range

25 June, 2018

Chr. Hansen's DVS WHITE FLORA series consists of three cultures that aid the formation of rich and aromatic notes in white cheese and ensure cheese quality and robust manufacturing.

Chr. Hansen second-generation FreshQ cultures

15 November, 2017

With Chr. Hansen's second-generation FreshQ, dairies can rely on natural freshness and contribute to reducing food waste.

Drink less than 1 litre of beer/day to minimise exposure to toxic metabolites

24 June, 2015

If you drink more than a litre of beer a day you may approach or even exceed the recommended daily safe intake of mycotoxins.

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