Food design & research

Delaying fat digestion to curb appetite

23 August, 2010

Scientists have been experimenting with using protein layers to stabilise emulsions and delay fat digestion until the fatty acids reach the ileum where their presence stimulates satiety-inducing hormones.

Full-fat dairy not responsible for heart attack deaths

05 August, 2010

A new Australian study has found that eating full-fat dairy may reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related death.

Germans to help with new food zapping process

05 August, 2010

A collaborative agreement between CSIRO and two German organisations is providing Australian food companies with access to a processing technology which uses low-energy electron beams rather than heat or chemicals to decontaminate food.

Fluorescent contamination markers for meat

04 August, 2010

A chlorophyll-based marker in animal feed that fluoresces under UV light may be used to identify contamination of meat, chicken and eggs.

Resveratrol found to suppress inflammation, free radicals

03 August, 2010

As well as having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, resveratrol also appears to suppress inflammation in humans, based on results from the first prospective human trial of the extract.

Soy isoflavones and bone health

03 August, 2010

The results of a three-year investigation to determine whether isoflavones extracted from soy protein protect postmenopausal volunteers against bone loss have been released and it's not all good news.

Automated Salmonella testing

21 July, 2010

The Biotecon Diagnostics foodproof RoboPrep+ Series is the first validated automated solution for PCR-based microbial testing specifically designed for the food market.

Old ingredients; new markets

21 July, 2010

The inclusion of ancient ingredients with health and wellness properties into new products is proving to be welcomed by consumers.

How virgin olive oil fights heart disease

02 July, 2010

New research suggests that the polyphenols in virgin olive oil modify the expression of atherosclerosis-related genes, leading to health benefits.

NIST calls for more metric labelling in the US

25 June, 2010

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued two publications calling for the amendment of US labelling laws to allow the voluntary use of only metric units on some consumer products.

EU switches off ‘traffic light’ food labels

21 June, 2010

A decision by the European Parliament to adopt front-of-pack food labelling - very similar to the system used by Australia’s food industry - has been commended by the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

Salt reduction at heart of new NZ agreement

11 June, 2010

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and the Heart Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to share information and avoid duplication of effort as they attempt to rein in New Zealanders' salt intake.

TV food advertisements promote imbalanced diets

09 June, 2010

A diet consisting entirely of advertised foods would contain 25 times the recommended servings of sugars and 20 times the recommended servings of fat but less than half of the recommended servings of vegetables, dairy and fruits according to US researchers.

iPhone application to scan for food allergens

15 April, 2010

Allergy sufferers will soon be able to use their iPhone to scan a food’s bar code at the supermarket to determine whether it’s safe to eat.

Detecting melamine in milk

07 April, 2010

A fast, economical and easy method to detect melamine in milk has been developed by researchers at the University of Miami.

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