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Whole grains linked to a longer life

20 June, 2016

Analysis by Harvard researchers has found that eating more whole grains may reduce the risk of premature death.

Plasma irradiation improves vegetable harvest

09 June, 2016

Scientists from Japan have successfully used 'non-thermal air plasma irradiation' to improve the harvest of a crop of salad leaves.

Superfoods and self-optimisation

30 May, 2016

Nowadays, beverages have to deliver health benefits, make us more efficient at work or better at sport, or offer some kind of feel-good factor. Not only that, they should also be sustainably produced and exotic, and still taste as good as home-made.

Nestlé research partnership to address gut bacteria and health

30 May, 2016

Imperial College London and Nestlé Research have announced the establishment of a research and innovation partnership exploring metabolic health and nutrition.

Testing the health claims for fermented dairy products

30 May, 2016

Researchers have reviewed the scientific basis of claims that fermented dairy foods can act as a treatment for hypertension.

Has folic acid fortification failed?

26 May, 2016

20 years of fortifying food with folic acid in the US has not reduced the incidence of birth defects to the degree expected, according to a study by Stanford University School of Medicine.

Biscuits prove popular with young and old

16 May, 2016

The demographics of biscuit consumption remain a challenge to marketers, with teenagers and older Australians the nation's most avid biscuit eaters.

Over 99% of Australian kids not eating enough vegies

16 May, 2016 | Supplied by: Dairy Australia

For the first time, the largest and most comprehensive health survey in Australia has compared food consumption against the Australian Dietary Guidelines, and some of its findings are alarming.

32,000 genes in a carrot

16 May, 2016

Scientists who unlocked the full genome sequence of the carrot say the information can be used to help breeders improve the nutritional quality of carrots and a range of other crops.

Australian researchers head $5m plan to revive PNG's cocoa industry

10 May, 2016

Melbourne's La Trobe University will lead a five-year, $5 million effort to help Papua New Guinea's ailing cocoa industry.

Soy could be a natural antimicrobial: study

05 May, 2016

Soy isoflavones and peptides may inhibit the growth of microbial pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses, according to research from Canada.

The art of Chinese cuisine in the heart of Western Sydney

04 May, 2016 by Lauren Davis

Award-winning restaurant chain Chefs Gallery has opened up its fifth outlet, bringing its signature combination of modern Chinese cuisine and contemporary Chinese art to the heart of Sydney's west.

Nutraceuticals improve effectiveness of antidepressants: study

02 May, 2016

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne and Harvard has found certain nutritional supplements can increase the effectiveness of antidepressants for people with clinical depression.

Salmonella research boosted by $10 million grant

13 April, 2016

To improve understanding about the interactions between Salmonella bacteria and immune cells infected by the pathogen, as well as treatment for such infections, Stanford University is opening the Allen Discovery Center for Multiscale Systems Modeling of Macrophage Infection.

You are what your ancestors ate

07 April, 2016

Evidence of a genetic variation has been discovered in populations that have historically favoured vegetarian or seafood diets.

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