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Low-cal sweetener study

07 May, 2020

A study has found that stevia extract, an artificial sweetener, has been linked to potential improvements in liver health and fatty liver disease.

Pork with Aussie flavour

30 April, 2020

Qld research is helping to create a uniquely Australian pork flavour signature using the oil from native macadamia nuts.

Cherry flavour research

31 March, 2020

By examining cherry-flavoured drinks, researchers have found that flavouring containing benzaldehyde can develop harmful benzene when exposed to light.

Food scientists develop lower-sodium processed turkey

19 March, 2020

Food scientists have developed a lower-sodium processed turkey breast, potentially paving the way for food scientists to make other less salty processed foods.

'Soda tax' a fizzer in Philadelphia

02 March, 2020

Research shows that Philadelphia's introduction of a 'soda tax' has had minimal impact on reducing overall consumption of sugary drinks.

Aussie food manufacturers failing to stop the salt

25 February, 2020

Research has revealed that Australian food manufacturers are not adhering to the voluntary commitments to reduce the salt levels of their products.

An egg a day not tied to risk of heart disease

03 February, 2020

Consuming an egg a day does not impact blood cholesterol levels and is not tied to cardiovascular disease, according to the Population Health Research Institute.

Frequent UTIs? Going vegetarian could help

03 February, 2020

Forgoing meat could reduce the risk of contracting urinary tract infections, according to a study published in Scientific Reports.

Aussies opting for healthy drinks

28 January, 2020

Aussies are increasingly opting for healthy beverages when eating out, with sales topping $2.1 billion in 2018.

How the cookie crumbles: texture affects health perception

15 January, 2020

Studies have shown that changing the surface texture of food could communicate a healthier message to consumers.

How much exercise to burn off your Christmas lunch?

17 December, 2019

Research suggests that labelling food and drink with the amount and type of exercise needed to burn off the calories might be effective for consumers.

Media influence on consumer perception of GMOs

17 December, 2019

Research shows that consumer mistrust of GMOs is influenced by the media, despite assurances from food experts and the scientific community.

'Hyper-palatable' foods defined

06 November, 2019

What constitutes a 'hyper-palatable' food, ie, one that we can't stop eating? A US study has provided a data-driven definition and revealed their prevalance.

Healthier diets are reportedly better for the environment

05 November, 2019

Researchers have linked the health impacts of food to their overall environmental impact, revealing that healthier diets are better for the environment.

Could a human gut microbe make processed foods healthier?

22 October, 2019

A US study suggests the gut microbiome has an impact on how the body breaks down processed foods, such as cereals, pastas, chocolate and soft drink.

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