Towards more energy-efficient cold storage

02 December, 2009

With a continuous global effort to reduce our carbon footprint, refrigeration manufacturers are being pressured to develop more energy-efficient products.

How green is your wine?

01 December, 2009

Sirromet Wines has taken the next step in improving its environmental status by commissioning Australian-based technical and engineering consultancy Provisor to determine its carbon footprint.

Green plastic in carton packaging pilot

27 November, 2009

Tetra Pak has an agreement with Braskem to purchase HDPE, derived from renewable feedstock, for use in a pilot project to produce 'green' caps and closures.

Plastics without the use of fossil fuels

24 November, 2009

A one-stage process which produces polylactic acid and its copolymers through direct fermentation makes the renewable production of PLA and lactate-containing copolymers cheaper and more commercially viable.

Energy efficiency measurement tool

30 October, 2009 | Supplied by: Baldor Australia Pty Ltd

Baldor has released a software estimating tool that enables users to evaluate the energy efficiency of electric motors and variable speed drives. Known as BE$T, the Baldor Energy Savings Tool can be downloaded free of charge from the company’s website.

Energy monitoring systems

29 October, 2009 | Supplied by: OneTemp Pty Ltd

Onset’s web-based Hobo U30 Remote Monitoring Systems are now compatible with NorthWrite’s Energy Expert software platform.

Industrial drives

28 August, 2009 | Supplied by: ABB Australia Pty Ltd

ABB has launched the ACS850 drive module which features an in-built energy saving calculator, embedded Modbus and drive-to-drive link, intelligent user interface with a series of assistant wizards, integrated safety functions, modular hardware and software, and a removable memory unit.

Titan MBR wastewater treatment

06 July, 2009 | Supplied by: CST Wastewater Solutions

CST Wastewater Solutions’ latest MBR (membrane biological reactor) wastewater treatment, the Titan MBR, is a robust and efficient low-maintenance system for industrial applications.

Water re-use and green energy benchmarks at Bluetongue Brewery

06 July, 2009 | Supplied by: CST Wastewater Solutions

A partnership of Australian and global leaders in environmental engineering has been chosen to provide an extended wastewater treatment system for Pacific Beverages’ new Bluetongue brewery in New South Wales.

Water re-use guide for dairies

03 July, 2009 | Supplied by: Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd

A set of guidelines into water re-use at dairy manufacturing plants has been prepared by Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd (DIAL). The guidelines identify water sources and quality within dairy factories and matches these with possible uses.

Driving energy efficiency further

06 April, 2009

The electrical drive industry has an important role to play in the course of the developments in energy markets and the increasing awareness for protection of the environment.

Higher energy efficiency through the optimal interaction of system components

12 February, 2009

As energy costs climb, companies are becoming more and more interested in improving energy productivity and efficiency. Luckily there are many ways this can be cost-effectively achieved.

CSIRO helps Mars with sustainable food production

12 February, 2009

CSIRO has worked with Mars to produce ‘life cycle analyses’ on a range of Mars's food products that are relevant to almost every major food commodity produced in Australia. The research partnership has produced a database and information toolkit that will be available to a wide range of food businesses to help improve their sustainability strategies.

Measuring sustainability

05 February, 2009

There is no standardised definition of how to measure how environmentally friendly a product is. This is making life difficult for companies making decisions about sustainable business practices.

Toolkit helps food manufacturers save water

27 January, 2009

Researchers at RMIT have developed a toolkit that food processors can use to assess and reduce their water consumption.

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