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Key Technology Compact Dryer

07 January, 2010 by

Key Technology has introduced a redesigned compact dryer for removing moisture from fresh-cut produce after washing.

Optical grading machines

28 August, 2009 by

Newtec Engineering A/S has appointed Donald Napier Ltd as its distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Online fruit quality detection

28 August, 2009 by

The Unitec QS_ON LINE 902 provides a solution for the non-destructive online detection of the internal quality of fruits without stone. The parameters measured include sugar content (°Brix), firmness expressed ( kg/cm2), ripening grade (0 and 100) and acidity (g/L).

Knife peelers for root vegetables

28 August, 2009 by

Sormac MS knife peelers are suitable for continuous peeling of pre-washed or pre-peeled root products, like potatoes, red beet and celeriac.

Centrifuge for leafy greens

28 August, 2009 by

Sormac has upgraded its SC-740 centrifuge. This machine can be used as a standalone unit, but also harmonises with a Pulstar salad washer in a salad leaf processing line.

Fresh-cut produce washer

06 July, 2009 by

Key Technology has redesigned its Flume Wash for fresh-cut produce. Suitable for small to medium-large processors looking for an automated wash system, the Flume Wash gently removes heavy debris, silt, grubs and floating contaminates.

Squeezing healthier fruit products

12 May, 2009

High-pressure processing offers a non-thermal way to pasteurise a range of food products. Donny Boy Fresh Food has opened a world-first facility in Melbourne using this technology.

Fresh-cut produce dryer

01 April, 2009 by

Key Technology has redesigned its Auto Dryer for removing moisture from fresh-cut produce to enhance shelf life. Available in one-, two-, and four-drum configurations, the Auto Dryer features a larger 980 mm diameter drum that increases production throughput and new electronics that improve reliability and simplify operation.

Fruit and vegetable sorting

01 June, 2008

The Key Technology Manta high-volume, high-performance sorter features a 2 m wide scan area that increases throughput within a space-saving footprint.

Pomegranate powders and extracts

01 June, 2008

The power of the healthful pomegranate is now available from VDF FutureCeuticals through its VitaGranate family of products. Research has indicated that pomegranate may offer support for humans, especially concerning coronary and cardiovascular health.

Dicer/strip cutter/shredder

12 February, 2007

The Urschel Model M6 two-dimensional cutter is a versatile machine designed for dicing, strip cutting, or shredding a variety of products. A wide range of sizes of product can be processed into predetermined thicknesses. The cutter is suitable for cutting frozen-tempered, fresh-chilled, or hot cooked beef, pork, or poultry in addition to leafy vegetable products.

Healthy potato chips

15 January, 2007

Scientists at the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture have coaxed significant health benefits out of trans fatty acids by juggling the molecular structure of soy oil.

Fruit processing

14 November, 2005

Kronen has released the AS-4 multifunction machine for processing fresh fruit, such as melons, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, kiwis, pineapples and apples.

Scheme for safe fruit and vegetables

25 July, 2005

The Plant Products Scheme only covers five product types: fresh cut fruit (usually consumed raw); fresh cut vegetables (usually consumed raw); vegetables in oil; unpasteurised juice; and seed sprouts. No other fruit or vegetable foods are affected.

Horticultural produce packaging

20 June, 2005

John Lopresti, a Biological Systems Engineer at Victoria's Department of Primary Industry (DPI) Institute for Horticultural Development, led the discussion, with focus on optimising product quality through handling chains, at a recent Australian Institute of Packaging meeting.

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