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Insight reports for Save Food Packaging design

13 April, 2021 by Nerida Kelton MAIP Executive Director – Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) Vice President Sustainability & Save Food – World Packaging Organisation (WPO)

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) Save Food Packaging design project has released two stakeholder industry insight reports.

Food recalls still on the rise due to undeclared allergens

08 April, 2021

FSANZ has revealed another sharp increase in the number of food recalls, with cases of undeclared allergens reaching record levels at the end of last year.

50 years since the beginnings of the barcode

06 April, 2021

It has been 50 years since the numbers behind the humble barcode were invented. Now, the next generation of barcodes is on the horizon.

Bookings open for AIP packaging training course

15 February, 2021

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is hosting a virtual packaging training course on 25 March.

Amcor unveils three-pronged sustainability roadmap

28 January, 2021

Amcor is applying a three-pronged approach to achieve its goal of making all of its packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025.

Aussie Honey Gold mangoes unveil a new look

27 January, 2021

Queensland-based Piñata Farms has unveiled a new look for its specialty Honey Gold mangoes this season.

Wine Label Directory established to protect wine exporters

15 December, 2020

A Wine Export Label Directory has been established to help wine brand owners protect their export wine labels against copycat labelling.

Tech firm extends product for boutique winery

11 December, 2020

South Australia's APT has collaborated with McLaren Vale boutique winery Kay Brothers to extend the capability of its picking application AgPick.

High number of breaches on alcohol packaging standards

12 October, 2020

"... most of the breaches relating to the prohibition on alcohol packaging having strong or evident appeal to under 18s."

Factors to consider when choosing between bubble leak testers or vacuum decay leak detectors

01 September, 2020

Ensuring package integrity has always been a critical concern for food manufacturers as a leaking package can compromise the quality of their products.

GEA LeakCheck measurement system

24 August, 2020

The GEA LeakCheck measurement system is designed to check seal and package integrity on all forms of modified atmosphere packs (MAP) contactless.

Seafood industry fishing for clarity in labelling laws

07 August, 2020

Seafood Industry Australia is calling for country of origin labelling in foodservice, to support the Australian seafood industry in the wake of COVID-19.

Consumers urged to buy Australian in wake of COVID-19

04 August, 2020

Consumers are urged to buy Australian products, to fast-track recovery from COVID-19. Here, Australian Made clarifies which logos denote genuine Aussie products.

DNA barcodes to track food provenance

09 June, 2020

Researchers have developed DNA-barcoded microbial spores that can be used for tagging and tracking agricultural products from their point of origin.

Bestech Australia Sealtick TSE6089L leak testing device

01 June, 2020

The Sealtick TSE6089L is a leak testing device, designed to ensure packages are sealed against moisture, oxygen and contamination.

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