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EMD pallet wrapping machines

27 October, 2014

European Machine Developers (EMD) has launched two pallet wrappers.

EMD pallet top sheets

02 September, 2014

EMD has developed pallet top sheets to protect loads from moisture and dust during storage or transit.

Palletising bulky and unstable packages

26 August, 2014

There are many options available for companies wanting to palletise bulk products like bags, bales and sacks. Conventional layer machines and robotic pick-and-place systems are commonplace in many facilities, although they're not always suitable for handling unstable or irregularly shaped packages without some form of modification. This article looks at the pros and cons of these traditional methods in the context of handling bulky, and sometimes unpredictable, packages.

CHEP next-generation FMCG retail display pallet

17 June, 2014

CHEP Australia has made improvements to its range of small-footprint, retail-ready display pallets.

Dematic RapidStore Pallet ASRS pallet automated storage and retrieval system

13 June, 2014

Dematic has developed RapidStore Pallet ASRS, a pallet automated storage and retrieval system for FMCG and food and beverage manufacturers handling high volumes of palletised stock.

Beumer stretch hood A

05 June, 2014

Beumer has upgraded its stretch hood pallet packaging system. The stretch hood A includes an intuitive menu system on the machine control via a soft-touch panel, an ergonomically designed workplace for the operator and material-friendly transporting of the film in the machine.

CHEP has innovation all wrapped up

13 May, 2014

Cerebos recently embarked on a full-scale upgrade to its Sydney factory, which was built in 1971. The company challenged CHEP to come up with an innovative solution to its existing stretch wrapper.  

Mosca Australia Evolution strapping machine

13 May, 2014

The high production throughputs experienced in the food industry are easily handled by Mosca Australia's fully automatic Evolution strapping machine.

Cermex Pal-Pack 3300 single-line palletiser

10 April, 2014

The Pal-Pack 3300 is a new addition to Cermex’s single-line, layer-by-layer palletising technology. It is suitable for pelletising wines, spirits, soft drinks, beers, etc, in formats ranging from shrink-wrapped packs to cardboard containers.

Australis Engineering HSLP-60 high-speed linear palletiser

03 March, 2014

The machine can help beverage manufacturers increase palletising throughputs in a market where both manufacturers and retailers move towards the common use of multipurpose, re-usable plastic pallet trays for PET soft drink and juice bottles.

Air-Flow macro-perforated stretch film

13 February, 2014

Air-Flow is a macro-perforated stretch film structure and has been developed especially for products that need to 'breathe'. The product is said to deliver reduced packaging costs and lower waste, eliminating condensation while allowing ventilation.

Loscam store-ready plastic display pallet

17 January, 2014

Loscam has released a plastic display pallet with a smaller footprint that is store-ready. Ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of OHS issues, the pallet is claimed to carry more weight than existing display pallets.

Loscam talks turkey with NZ poultry processor

17 January, 2014

One of New Zealand's leading poultry processors has nominated Loscam as its preferred pallet provider. Turk's Poultry Farm has signed an agreement with Loscam for managed pooled pallets across the country.

Pronal palletising gripper tubes

02 October, 2013

The Pronal palletising gripper tubes range from Air Springs Supply is designed for rapid automated bottling and packaging tasks while also enabling efficient handling of new-generation complexly shaped bottles and flasks.

BEUMER twin-belt turning device for palletising

08 August, 2013

An alternative to existing clamp-type turning devices, the device works with two separately driven belt conveyors which, by applying a differential speed between both belts, turn the bag 90° or 180°.

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