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CHEP finds a sweet logistics solution for Haigh’s Chocolates

23 April, 2012

When Haigh’s Chocolates identified a logistics issue with its pallets, it turned to CHEP for a solution. CHEP set up an asset management system to reduce Haigh’s administration workload and, in addition, conducts a pallet count every month for the chocolate manufacturer. The new system saves Haigh’s Distribution Centre Supervisor David Elliot hours each week and ensures the company always has enough pallets on hand for its outgoing goods.

Cermex slat lane dividers

10 January, 2012

Cermex has expanded its range of packaging solutions with the 100% in-house manufacture of slat lane dividers, offering users the option of lane dividers as standalone machines or as part of complete end-of-line equipment.

Autefa Automation Vacugrip palletiser/depalletiser for lightweight bottles

23 December, 2011

Autefa Automation has released a palletiser/depalletiser featuring Vacugrip technology that has been designed specifically for handling lightweight containers.

Flexicon dual bulk bag filling system with pallet dispenser

21 December, 2011

Flexicon has integrated two Swing-Down Bulk Bag Fillers with a pallet dispenser and powered roller conveyors to create a dual bulk bag filling system which allows safe, high-capacity filling of bulk bags of all popular sizes. Programmable controls allow the fillers to operate separately or simultaneously, filling bags of the same size or two different sizes.

Beaumer stretch hood

06 May, 2011 by

The Beumer stretch hood high-performance packaging machine is an effective solution that stacks products on pallets quickly, securely and sustainably. The control system allows automatic detection of different stacking heights and flexible adjustment of the machine to match them.

Symach Mach Palletiser

05 May, 2011 by

Symach specialises in customised palletising systems for bags, boxes and crates across a wide range of sectors such as the industrial, chemical, food and agricultural industries. Integrated wrapping machines, rotating arm or turntable for stretch net and film, as well as machines to place protective corners and straps around the finished pallets are also offered.

Cermex VersaFilm shrink-wrappers range

03 May, 2011 by

Cermex has released the VersaFilm range of shrink-wrappers without a sealing bar. The design of the range based on a principle of modular architecture and various technical developments offers advantages in terms of costs and lead times.

Schweppervescence on a pallet

21 December, 2010 by

Open communication, a collaborative relationship, good customer service and high-quality pallets - these were the criteria Loscam had to meet to win a contract with major beverage company Schweppes Australia.

Mixed case palletising solutions

06 October, 2010 by

Driven by OHS concerns and skills shortages, there is an increasing demand for smart solutions that take mixed case palletising in a new and exciting direction. Advances in software, robotics and intelligent storage, buffering and sequencing systems have enabled the development of two innovations designed to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of building mixed case pallets.

OCME palletising manipulators

03 September, 2010 by

OCME has extended its range of palletising machines to include layer forming systems that use manipulators - designed to handle fragile products and multipacks.

TechnoWrapp A800 and A800 4E pallet stretch wrappers

03 September, 2010 by

Technowrapp’s A800 and A800 4E high-speed pallet stretch wrappers are claimed to use as little as 96 g of film per pallet.

SMI palletising systems

08 July, 2010 by

SMI palletising systems are dedicated solely to palletising. They are built on a column to achieve high throughputs on a small footprint and are claimed to cost 30 to 40% less than robot hybrids or traditional sweep arm palletisers.

Rhino 108 pallet wrapper

26 February, 2010 by

The Rhino 108 pallet wrapper is a reliable and economical solution for medium-volume users.


21 October, 2009 by

JMP Australia has released the K-Pal Palletiser which has the advantages of a layer palletiser, combined with the flexibility of a robotic palletiser. It is suitable for handling bulky and unstable packages.

Pallet wrapper

01 September, 2009 by

The Autopac 1525RC pallet wrapper can have a remote control facility installed so the whole process of pallet wrapping can be achieved from the forklift driver’s seat. The device continues wrapping automatically while the forklift operator is picking up the next pallet for wrapping. This streamlines the whole process, increasing output capacity and improving efficiency.

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