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Spraying Systems Co Pty Ltd

Spraying Systems Co. is a world leading manufacturer of industrial spray products, offering more than 87,000 different spray nozzles and accessories. Our nozzles are readily available in thousands of sizes, hundreds of configurations and dozens of materials. With 12 manufacturing facilities throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia, we can quickly deliver to customers anywhere in the world.

Phone: 03 9318 0511
Fax: 03 9315 3223
7 Sara Grove , Tottenham VIC 3012 (Directions)


Pathosans on-site generation cleaning and disinfection system

The PathoSans on-site generation system can ensure effective cleaning and disinfection without disruption.

PathoSans PathoClean cleaner and PathoCide sanitiser

The PathoSans PathoClean is a dilute sodium hydroxide cleaner and degreaser; and PathoCide is a hypochlorous acid sanitiser.

Spraying Systems Australia mobile fogging cart

Spraying Systems Australia has designed a mobile fogging cart that can sanitise a closed area in minutes and is suitable for a range of industrial markets.

AutoJet Lecithin Spray System

The AutoJet Lecithin Spray System is suitable for a variety of dairy applications.

AutoJet Bread Scoring System

A bakery's bread scoring operations can be improved with the help of the advanced AutoJet Bread Scoring System to ensure high-quality, consistent results.

PulsaJet Dough Bin Oil Coating System

The PulsaJet Dough Bin Oil Coating System can ensure that the user's dough bins remain clean and operating at their peak, batch after batch.

Spraying Systems Co. AutoJet Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

The AutoJet Conveyor Belt Cleaning System by Spraying Systems Co. can reduce cross-contamination and help to clean dirty conveyor belts safely and effectively.

Spraying Systems AccuJet Electrostatic Spray System Model 102000

By reducing oil consumption and conveyor downtime the Model 102000 AccuJet Electrostatic Spray System can improve chain lubrication.

Spraying Systems AccuCoat Pan Spraying Systems

AccuCoat Pan Spraying Systems can assist those in the food industry to help apply uniform coating, no matter the product or the production line set-up.

Spraying Systems AutoJet Food Safety Spray System

The AutoJet Food Safety Spray System from Spraying Systems Co applies mould inhibitor with comprehensive coverage and minimal waste.

Klarion Cleaning and Sanitising System

The system uses electro-chemical activation (ECA) technology to produce a powerful cleaner and sanitiser using just high-purity salt, water and electricity.

Spraying System GunJet D41663 spray gun

Spraying System Co's GunJet D41663 is designed to be a durable and efficient spray gun suitable for spraying oils, sugar glazes, chocolate coatings, egg wash and more.

WindJet AA727 air nozzles

The WindJet AA727 air nozzles generate an efficient and controlled flat fan air pattern for uniform spray distribution which results in produce being able to be dried quicker.

Spraying Systems AutoJet antimicrobial food safety systems

The AutoJet Food Safety System from Spraying Systems Co ensures food safety through minimisation of contamination, while extending product shelf life.

Spraying Systems Co AutoJet glaze spray system

Glazing baked goods can enhance the appearance of the product after baking.

Spraying Systems Co AutoJet food safety systems

Meat and poultry processors all have a common goal, and that is to ensure the highest level of food safety possible in their operations.

WindJet YBLW air nozzles and Blower Mist spray nozzles

WindJet YBLW air nozzles for blower systems are suitable for use in blow-off, drying and cleaning applications.

Spraying Systems Co MiniFogger III

The MiniFogger III from Spraying Systems Co is suitable for processors looking to improve product quality, increase efficiency and reduce compressed air use in their humidification operations.

Spraying Systems WindJet air knives

WindJet air knives from Spraying Systems are suitable for processors that require drying of vacuum bags before meat is deposited.

Spraying Systems AutoJet carcass chilling spray system

Spraying Systems has developed the AutoJet Carcass Chilling Spray System to offset evaporative weight loss during the carcass cooling process by using a range of spray nozzles.

Spraying Systems AutoJet Model 2008+ Spray Control System

Spraying Systems has developed an automated system that adds moisture to the fruit prior to the application of produce stickers, allowing for stronger adhesion.

Spraying Systems AutoJet and PulsaJet nozzles for viscous coatings

Spraying Systems has a range of spray nozzles and systems suitable for spraying viscous coatings.

AutoJet antimicrobial spray system

Controlling and monitoring a sanitation program with ease is assured with an AutoJet antimicrobial spray system. By spraying a precise dose of antimicrobial agent into a vacuum package before meat is inserted, the shelf life of packaged meat and poultry can be increased by up to 40%.

Spraying Systems TankJet 360 tank and barrel cleaner

The TankJet 360 tank and barrel cleaner can help beverage manufacturers maintain a strict hygiene regime.

Cloud-Sellers Cleaning Systems tank cleaning portfolio

Cloud-Sellers Cleaning Systems and Spraying Systems Co have teamed up to expand their product availability and technical support around the world.

Tank cleaning system

Autojet Technologies, a division of Spraying Systems Co, has introduced an upgradeable tank cleaning system that is precisely controlled to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. The four basic components in the AutoJet Tank Cleaning System are: a Spraying Systems Co tank washer or tank cleaning nozzle, a control panel containing an AutoJet Spray Controller, a specially selected pump and an engineered process control package. The system is field upgradable to add both chemical injection and liquid recirculation features to automatically maintain consistent tank cleaning results.



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