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Heuft Systemtechnik eXaminer X-ray systems

Heuft Systemtechnik eXaminer X-ray systems can be used for the quality inspection of filled containers during the production of foods and drinks.

Heuft VX OCR system for packaging

Heuft Systemtechnik has developed a system for optical character recognition which identifies packaging that has not been coded or incorrectly coded in good time and withdraws it from circulation.

Heuft moCheck empty mould inspection system

The Heuft moCheck empty mould inspection system can be used to identify product residue in empty moulds used for the production of chocolate, toffees, sweets and fondants. This prevents the risk of soiling due to the liquid product overflowing, precludes contamination due to non-brand contents and ensures the microbiological purity of the end product.

Heuft VX OCR code verification system

The Heuft VX OCR code verification system can be used to check the presence of best before dates (BBDs) or bar codes on filled confectionery packages and also verify their correctness.

Heuft eXaminer XA foreign object inspection unit

The Heuft eXaminer XA can be used to identify foreign objects such as pieces of broken glass or metal in liquid, paste-like and spreadable products and remove contaminated packages.

Metal detector

The Lock Inspection Systems MET 30+ Universal metal detector is distributed in Australia by JW Industrial Instruments.

Full container inspection for glass and PET lines

The Heuft eXaminer XO not only identifies solid foreign objects but also lower density contamination in filled, transparent bottles. The full container inspection system is equipped with optical and radiometric inspection technologies for this. Therefore, it is suitable for safeguarding product quality along glass and PET lines.

Wraparound labeller

The Heuft Tornado R is an efficient wraparound labeller that is equipped with a servo-controlled belt for the particularly precise application of wraparound labels and technologies for a sustainable final product check.



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