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ROVEMA SBS Flexible Bagger

The ROVEMA SBS Flexible Bagger is available in single- and twin-tube formats and has a selection of more than 40 different styles of top closures.

ROVEMA REVO series of VFFS machines

The REVO series of VFFS machines is available in both continuous and intermittent motion versions, suitable for a variety of bag formats and styles.

ARANOW single-dose packaging solutions machinery

ARANOW has a wide range of machinery for producing stick packs, sachets and shaped pouches.

Krones modular double-end bottle washers

Krones' double-end bottle washers from the Lavatec, LavaClassic and LavaClassic Plus families will in future be constructed in a modular design.

Krones Modulfill HES glass-bottle filler

Krones has developed an automatic probe adjustment feature and a fully automated CIP cup mechanism for the Modulfill HES glass-bottle filler.

Krones Steinecker MicroCube brewhouse concept

Krones Steinecker has developed the MicroCube brewhouse concept for brew sizes of five or 10 hectolitres. Although aimed at microbreweries, the system delivers both consistent high quality along with cost efficiency.

Rovema BVC 260 vertical bagger

The Rovema BVC 260 with Premium Seal-technology, available from JL Lennard, is a two-axis vertical bagger.

Henny Penny energy-efficient open fryers with fast recovery

JL Lennard has available induced draft technology gas and electric open fryers from Henny Penny that offer energy savings while producing fast recovery to save time and reduce shortening use.

Zanussi Evo 900 high-performance grill

JL Lennard has available the Zanussi Evo 900 high-performance grill. The grill combines energy efficiency features with a heavy-duty cast iron cooking grid capable of reaching temperatures up to 350°C.

Henny Penny Evolution Elite deep fryers require 40% less oil

JL Lennard Food Service Equipment has available Henny Penny Evolution Elite fryers that require 40% less frying oil than conventional alternatives.

Silverson Mixer Tools iPhone app for conversions and volume calculations

The Silverson Mixer Tools app is a conversion tool designed for process engineers that is used to convert a range of units (such as length, power, temperature, weight, etc) as well as calculate mixing vessel volumes.

Krones SyPro S sugar-dissolving and pasteurisation system

Krones has revamped its sugar-dissolving and pasteurisation system. The entire SyPro S sugar preparation unit is modular in construction, so that it can be individually expanded as needed and adjusted to suit raw material qualities.

Krones LineXpress L product changeover automation system

Krones' LineXpress L enables a product changeover to be automated throughout, including all process steps, and thus be performed reproducibly in 10 to 15 minutes, improving the line's availability.

Krones EvoLite Bloc plastic bottle packaging system

Krones' EvoLite Bloc comprises the EvoLite pack strapping machine which has been directly synchronised with the Robobox pack grouping station and the Modulpal Pro 1AD palletiser. Any non-conforming packs are removed from the flow by means of a rejection unit located at the transition to the Robobox. Electronic digital displays visually simplify any changeover to a different type of pack.

Krones Viscofill viscous filling product systems

The Viscofill product range from Krones has been designed for filling liquid foods and is suitable for handling highly viscous products as well as those containing large chunks or high particle concentrations.

Krones Contiform AseptBloc preform decontamination system

The Krones Contiform AseptBloc decontaminates preforms, rather than finished bottles. It consists of a sterile blow-moulder combined with filler and closer, with integrated process technology for aseptic applications.

Kosme ProShape preform heating module

ProShape is a module for preferential heating of preforms which enables oval and asymmetrical PET containers to be produced on a KSB stretch blow-moulder from Kosme.

Krones Evoguard centrifugal pump range

The Evoguard pump from Krones is a single-stage, normal-priming, hygienic centrifugal pump. The pumps are suitable for delivery flows of up to 100 m3/h, delivery heights of up to 80 m and operating pressures of up to PN 16.

Kosme Barifill isobaric filler

The Kosme Barifill is an isobaric filler with electro-pneumatically controlled filling valve functions and modularised construction. Its minimised footprint makes it suitable for small and mid-tier breweries and beverage bottlers.

Krones BEVkeg non-returnable PET beverage keg

BEVkeg from Krones and Micro Matic is an all-inclusive system for the non-returnable PET beverage keg market. It also incorporates the matching, gas-free BEVmate tapping equipment.

Krones Ergomodule modularlised labeller system

All of Krones’ labellers will from now on be configured from one modularised system. A single, basic, standardised machine will be combined with labelling stations that are either permanently affixed or can be docked onto the basic machine as needed.

Turatti Air Dry Tunnel

The Turatti Air Dry Tunnel is a preassembled compact dryer that removes excessive moisture from freshly washed salads prior to packaging. It offers computerised control over temperature and moisture levels.

Crown L-Series Taylor Electric Contact Grill

The Taylor Model Crown #L820 incorporates two separately controlled cooking zones, with three heaters per zone and two upper platens. Programmable controls provide accurate time, temperature and gap settings.

Thermo Scientific EZx Touchless X-ray detection system

The Thermo Scientific EZx Touchless contaminant detection system is an entry-level X-ray system designed to pass open or lightweight products through the system without the need for radiation shielding curtains.

Multipond MP14-2400/1250 H series weigher for portions 500-3000 g

JL Lennard has introduced the Multipond MP14-2400/1250 H series weigher for fully automatic weighing of sticky products like fresh or marinated meat, poultry and fish in portions of 500 to 3000 g.

Krones Academy automation concept for the beverage industry

The Krones Academy’s automation concept is an enabling gateway for electronics and automation specialists in the beverage industry and consists of three elements: Automation Engineer, Automation Notebook and Automation Rack.

Krones EvoGuard aseptic valve range

EvoGuard aseptic valves are used for shutting off pipes in aseptic and sterile processes, or for separating hostile media in aseptic and sterile processes.

Thermo VersaWeigh checkweigher range

Checkweighers are usually positioned at the end of the packaging line to do a final check on individual product or package weight. But Thermo’s range of VersaWeigh checkweighers can also be used in the production process to control products that are volumetrically dosed, reducing the amount of giveaway.

Krones Flexi-Fruit pre-dosing equipment

Krones AG has developed FlexiFruit pre-dosing equipment, a twin-flow concept for juices and milk-based mixed drinks to ensure separation between juice or milk-based mixed drinks and fruit chunks.

Thermo Fisher Scientific eScan inline process analyser

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s eScan inline process analyser is available through JL Lennard. It is suitable for bulk measurement of most products processed inside a pipeline or chute.

PET hotfill option

With its NitroHotfill process, Krones AG is offering an alternative to conventional hotfill processes.

Automated pack grouping system

For fast, reliable grouping of integral returnable packs, the Robobox pack grouping system provides a compactly dimensioned, flexible functional unit for pack distribution and turning, offering maximised scope for any variant of pack grouping. Since the grouping system has been designed to feature series-connected modules for three different output gradations, the concept can be optimally customised for any desired line speed, thus ensuring a high degree of flexibility in conjunction with the downstream, palletising system.

Sleeve labeller

The Sleevematic M sleeve labeller is the versatile solution from Krones AG for a wide range of dress variants, such as full-length sleeves, part-sleeves or tamper-evident sealing.

Sanitary metal detector

The latest metal detector for the food processing and packaging industry from JL Lennard is the Apex 500, claimed to be the most sensitive, yet easy-to-operate metal detector available.

Metal detection monitoring

JL Lennard has introduced AuditCheck to its Goring Kerr DSP range of metal detectors for the food processing and packaging industries, reducing or eliminating quarantine and improving line efficiency.

Empty-bottle inspection for the low output segment

Since the smaller breweries and beverage producers also need a high degree of dependability in their bottling operations, Krones has come up with an empty-bottle inspector designed specifically for mid-tier applications. The Smartronic K 714 has a machine rating of maximum 18,000 containers an hour. It features high-resolution DART (distributed architecture for real time) camera technology and is operated from a 12.5 cm touch screen. Its space-saving dimensions, moreover, enable it to be easily integrated into existing lines.

High-speed wraparound machine

The Krones Wrapapac wraparound machine has an output of up to 80 cycles a minute. To ensure enhanced operational dependability, the redesigned Wrapapac WT dispenses with what in most cases used to be mechanically synchronised drive units. Where one central motor used to transmit the power via chains and gearwheels, decentralised servomotors are now being used. Service and operator sides have also been kept rigorously separate. There are no more drives at all on the operator's side. A higher construction for the machine frame improves access for the operator. Design enhancements render the changeover process from one pack to another more reliable, faster and accurately reproducible.

Dairy tub packing

The Pack Line PXG tub filling and sealing machine and the PDP-1 pouch and bag fillers are both designed to economically, swiftly and cleanly handle a range of moist products and liquids including dairy products.

Metal detector for wet, harsh conditions

JL Lennard has introduced a metal detector designed to eliminate water ingress.

All-round packaging

To meet the multifaceted requirements for flexible packaging versatility, Krones AG is now, with Modulpac, offering a concept providing options for all-round packaging.


J.L.Lennard appointed Australian agent for Stephan Machinery

J.L.Lennard has been appointed as the Australian agent for food processing machinery suppliers Stephan Machinery.

JL Lennard purchases Walls Machinery

JL Lennard has purchased some of the assets and spare parts of Walls Machinery and employed Walls' sales, service and spare parts staff.



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