Reduce disposal costs of urban solid waste in food processing

Esko Australia Pty Ltd
Monday, 25 May, 2020

The OMPECO Converter reduces urban solid waste weight and volume and sterilises (or pasteurises) it using a "moist heat" method. NO INCINERATION!

According to a report by DHHS - The majority of general waste collection fees include the following factors in the cost structure:

  • Weight of the load
  • Number and size of rented bins
  • Number of bin lifts
  • Frequency of collection, for example daily or weekly.

When you change these factors, you can negotiate a new deal with your waste management supplier. If you are a typical food business, about 78% of the weight of your bin is organic waste. The remainder is plastic and broken items that are probably lighter and will not decompose in landfill.

This is one reason why you should consider treating solid waste on premises, so they have less frequent, and smaller and lighter general waste collections. This enable your organisation to reduce the waste disposal cost up to 50%.

Other than that, the untreated waste in landfill for long periods means:

  • High operating costs if you worry about the environmental impact of the landfill
  • Air pollution / emissions high in methane and carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas very active).
  • Groundwater contamination saturation of landfills? loss of land? uncomfortable odour? discomfort in the neighbourhood.

For the purpose of simplification of procedures for the management of urban solid waste OMPECO proposes an advanced, patented technology: the Converter®.

The machinery Converter are created to treat solids or semi-solids materials, at high temperatures (up to 151°C) and, when needed, sterilised using the known method to “moist heat”. The special procedure adopted allows the use of water in liquid form without using pressure.

The Converter is designed to treat a wide range of materials such as manure, animal, organic waste from commercial areas, waste generated on board boats, canteen waste, residue oil, medical waste and much more.

OMPECO whose roots date back to 1973 with over 40 years’ experience in customer management and study of ad-hoc solutions; with a young and dynamic staff today contains within it all the know-how necessary for the production and sale of technology which has now made it his business philosophy: the Converter.

The OMPECO also offers other solutions to its customers such as the ability to offer a complete service. This tool comes with a view of Public Administrations and private clinics and hospitals increasingly reluctant to large investments, but increasingly attentive to ecofriendly and reducing emissions.

The OMPECO fact guarantees a managed independently and eliminating the responsibility of the Directorate about the infectious waste product; inside the hospital.

This management allows not only a reduction in disposal costs and transportation, guaranteed by reducing weight and volume of technology Converter; but above all a safe and controlled management of waste that leaves the business walls once treated and sterilised.

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