Five consumer behaviours that are changing food and beverage innovation

Wednesday, 01 September, 2021

Five consumer behaviours that are changing food and beverage innovation

The global coronavirus pandemic has had an effect on how people treat their own health. In fact, 60% of consumers plan to improve their health in the next 12 months1. Human and animal nutrition company ADM has identified five key behavioural shifts in consumers that are changing how food, beverage and supplement companies can innovate.

  1. People have a new appreciation of wellness

Due to their experiences in the pandemic, consumers’ views on their own health have been changing. Over 75% of people say that due to the COVID-19 pandemic they are going to have a healthier diet and almost half of people plan to be more active2. Consumers will be on the lookout for products that are designed to help people with their physical and mental health.

  1. A burgeoning approach to the mind and body

People want to embrace their emotional wellbeing and over 50% of people want to improve their mental health over the next year1. Products that boast of their ability to increase physical energy and cognitive performance while also keeping one’s mood in check are gaining prominence.

  1. Personalised approach to nutrition and health

Almost two-thirds of consumers express interest in foods and drinks that are personalised for their own needs1. Increased understanding of the connection between health and diet means that people are eager for wholesome and nutritious ingredients to include in their diet.

  1. A renewed view on immunity

The majority of consumers are concerned with immunity and are taking a proactive approach to it by looking for ways to increase their vitamin and probiotic intake. Products that place an emphasis on these are attractive for consumers.

  1. Purposeful indulgence is the new “permissible indulgence”

Most people bought comfort food regularly due to COVID-19 and see benefits in buying it in a controlled, unimpulsive way3. Products that are indulgent while still being beneficial present promising new opportunities.

It seems likely that these trends will lead to permanent changes in the behaviour of consumers going forward, thus making it beneficial to address in how food, beverage and supplement innovations are approached.


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