The importance of wine closure selection

Jet Technologies

Thursday, 29 July, 2021

The importance of wine closure selection

Jet Technologies works closely with global wine solution leader Vinventions, whose research shows the selection of wine closures can have an impact on a wine’s oxygen transmission rate — which can impact its taste, quality, and shelf-life. The research shows that different wines are suited to different wine closures, and also that the intended shelf-life of a wine affects the most appropriate choice of wine closure.

“There’s no doubt that Australian and New Zealand wines are some of the most renowned in the world, which is why local wine producers need to keep on top of current trends to ensure the region’s reputation is upheld,” said Daniel Malki, General Manager of Jet Technologies. “Accurate wine management today has become more complex than ever before, and with this new insight into how oxygen, and wine closures, can affect a wine’s composition, choosing the right wine closure during the bottling process is critical to its long-term quality.

“Oxygen is generally understood to be detrimental to wine quality, from the end of fermentation and through to wine storage and bottling — with closures crucial to keeping oxygen out of wine. In fact, different types of closures can retain different amounts of oxygen within wine. For example, oxygen storage in a wine bottle can differ between cork and screwcap closures, with screwcaps making up a higher percentage of oxygen retained within the bottle,” added Daniel.

Jet Technologies produces wine closures with a range of defined and reproducible oxygen ingress. Wine producers can then select the closure with an oxygen ingress level that is suitable to their wine’s profile, and to the aromatic evolution they desire. As to what closure to choose, the choice must be considered according to the initial wine profile and its sensitivity to reduction and oxidation.

The Jet Technology wine closure range includes:

  • ROPP aluminium wine closures with multiple liner options to manage the oxygen transfer rate that each wine may require.
  • Wine cork closure solutions.
  • Standard and recyclable sparkling wine hoods made from biocompatible material, patented polymer, multi-layered and self-supporting material with 100% vegetable origin.
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