New partnership to make RFID tags more affordable

Result Group

Tuesday, 27 April, 2021

New partnership to make RFID tags more affordable

Product packaging supplier Result Group has announced it has partnered with global smart packaging solutions provider Talkin’ Things.

The companies hope the move will provide brand protection to millions of Australian products; help brands deliver personalised consumer experiences; and provide benefits to the logistics industry.

Result Group said the partnership enables the development of manufactured RFID inlays that meet industry standards for low-frequency, high-frequency (NFC) and ultrahigh-frequency (RAIN RFID) at a price level previously unavailable in Australia.

“The cost to implement an RFID/NFC system has traditionally been very high,” said Michael Dossor, Group General Manager at Result Group. “However, Result Group is offering a smart packaging system solution at a price level unseen yet in Australia, and we have a succinct plan in place to further reduce costs by 2025.”

The Talkin’ Things suite of RFID and NFC solutions help users track and provide visibility to transform the physical to digital, creating the data streams companies need to simplify operations, know more about their businesses and empower their mobile workforces. The benefits for using RFID in logistics are numerous, and scanning and inventory control is said to be much faster with RFID than with other forms of management.

Dossor said RFID technology allows the brand owner to obtain real-time information about the products and assets in their entire supply chain.

“Retailers or manufacturers that have complex processes around product shipments, product receiving and product storage in warehouses can use RFID technology to locate, identify and track these products automatically, without requiring manual intervention. This potentially creates significant value in the supply chain.”

RFID can offers several advantages over barcodes. It can identify goods individually with a unique code, whereas barcodes can only identify product categories. Unlike barcodes, which must be read with a scanner pointed directly at the code, an RFID reader can pick up serial numbers from a distance — up to six metres away in some instances. It can read hundreds of codes in seconds, while barcodes must be scanned individually. It can also reduce the labour costs associated with reading barcodes.

“We are delighted to partner with Result Group in this unique market. Our partnership will offer a distinct advantage with high-quality RFID products to all our Australian customers. We will make sure that due to this collaboration more Australian companies will be introduced to the benefits of RFID technology and be well advised in the implementation of the right products,” said Marcin Pilarz, CEO of Talkin’ Things.

Image supplied by Result Group. 

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