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Food for thought: Innovative solution for food waste

01 July, 2020

Veolia's Food Digester technology is an onsite organics treatment solution, suitable for any operation that needs to dispose of organic food waste.

Achieving sustainable dairy wastewater management

02 September, 2019

IDF has published guidelines to help professionals achieve sustainable dairy wastewater management through the treatment and valorisation of wastewater.

Aerofloat custom-designed wastewater treatment systems

18 February, 2019

Aerofloat has extensive experience treating wastewater for a range of food and beverage manufacturers.

Wastewater treatment for Kraft Heinz's soy sauce plant

17 January, 2019

Veolia Water Technologies will supply Kraft Heinz China with a wastewater treatment solution for its new soy sauce plant in Guangdong.

Eating less meat could save more water

12 September, 2018

Switching to a vegetarian or pescetarian diet could reduce a country's water footprint by up to half, a European study has found.

One-step solution can treat wastewater and produce a spadable cake

01 April, 2018

Dissolved air floatation (DAF) systems have been used by the food industry for decades to treat wastewater and there is no debate that a DAF system is still by far the most appropriate solution for wastewater handling at large food processing plants.

Fonterra invests to reduce water use by 70% at Darfield

14 March, 2018

An $11m investment in water processing technology at Fonterra's Darfield plant will reduce the amount of groundwater extracted at the manufacturing site by around 70%.

Effluent monitoring

07 March, 2018

How pH and BODeq monitoring can pay off for your facility.

How to drought-proof infant formula plants

18 December, 2017

The infant formula industry offers Australian manufacturers significant opportunities for water re-use.

AusJ 10L Aqueous MK2 hot water system

23 November, 2017

AusJ's 10 L Aqueous MK2 hot water system is designed for domestic, commercial and industrial users with near-instant hot water while saving time, energy and water.

From pollutant to sustainable product — transforming olive mill wastewater

03 October, 2017

The more than 30 billion litres of wastewater generated by olive oil processors each year represents a huge challenge for the conventional wastewater treatment techniques.

NZ poultry plant recognised for outstanding water management

31 August, 2017

As a New Zealand first, Ingham's Te Aroha primary processing plant has achieved certification from the international Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). The plant is the seventh site in the world to be certified.

Johnson Screens Pneumatic Wiper System

18 May, 2017

Johnson Screens has developed a Pneumatic Wiper System to suit its range of Run Down Units up to 1200 mm wide. Suitable for animal hair, fat, waste and similar products, the pneumatic wiper system assists in moving solids down to the bottom of the screen and cleaning the slot.

Cleaner water without filtration

18 May, 2017

A low-cost water treatment system has been found to remove particles 1000-fold more efficiently than conventional microfiltration systems without the need for physical filters or membranes that can clog or require replacement.

Hydroflux grease trap dissolved air flotation system

17 May, 2017

The Hydroflux grease trap dissolved air flotation (GT-DAF) system is designed to effectively manage the increase in volume of greasy wastewater being discharged into sewers.

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