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Crackdown on free-range egg labelling

15 June, 2015

Consumer affairs ministers have agreed to adopt a national, enforceable standard on free-range egg labelling.

Juice company, supermarket fined for misleading labelling

03 June, 2015

The ACCC has issued fines totalling $20,400 to Supabarn Supermarkets and The Real Juice Company for misleading labelling on two juice products.

Should alcoholic beverages carry calorie labelling?

01 May, 2015

We expect to see calorie labels on all forms of packaged food and drink, but when was the last time you saw a calorie label on a bottle of wine or a can of beer? A leading British public health doctor is calling for calorie counts to be displayed on all alcoholic drinks.

Want to make cheap wine taste good? Stick an expensive price tag on it

30 April, 2015

Want to convince people that a cheap bottle of plonk tastes great? Tell them it cost more than it actually did. Preconceived beliefs may create a placebo effect so strong that the actual chemistry of the brain changes, blinding consumers to the actual taste.

Cereal offenders: some 'healthy' breakfast foods contain more than 30% sugar

17 March, 2015

Health groups have called for clearer labelling on breakfast cereals, following a survey which showed that some popular brands are promoting health claims on their packaging despite containing high levels of sugar.

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