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Photonic application project could benefit food industry

17 January, 2022

A UK-based project is exploring optical frequency comb (OFC) technology and the development of many practical applications such as sensing for the food industry.

Tracking oysters with blockchain

12 January, 2022

A company is using blockchain for oysters to reduce theft and keep track of provenance and sustainability.

Traceability with a cherry on top

21 December, 2021

A Tasmanian cherry company has used AgPick's automated tracking technology in order to manage its workforce while also increasing traceability.

Keeping supply chains stable using mathematics

02 December, 2021

To avoid supply bottlenecks and empty supermarket shelves, Fraunhofer researchers are developing software solutions using mathematics methods.

National Traceability Accord announced

16 November, 2021

The accord offers signatories guidance on how to best and most efficiently implement traceability for the supply chain.

How IoT improves supply chain sustainability

29 October, 2021

Some of the benefits that IoT technology brings to a supply chain's sustainability include energy effiiciency, improved logistics, reduced waste and many more.

Laetus SmartSpect/eLED camera and lighting unit

13 October, 2021

The camera and lighting combination SmartSpect/eLED from Laetus offers image processing and lighting in one compact system.

Woolworths' refrigerated electric truck hits the road

07 October, 2021

The electric vehicle is part of Woolworths' plans to substantially reduce its carbon emissions.

Kiwi company cracks food tracking challenge

15 September, 2021

Rfider is one of the winners of the FDA's traceability challenge, with its software-based solution designed to improve food safety.

Dairy group applauds moo-ve to adopt traceability guideline

15 September, 2021

The traceability guideline outlines a standardised approach for the Australian dairy industry to track and identify product as it runs through the supply chain.

What's the missing ingredient for chocolate supply chains?

06 September, 2021

Biotechnology could be used to identify the origin of cocoa beans used in chocolate manufacturing, and also help ethical farmers get a better deal for their beans.

Fresh hop product developed for craft beers

14 July, 2021

Hop supplier Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) has launched a frozen fresh hops product, which could help bring fresh hop craft beer to the world.

Italian beer company uses blockchain traceability

02 June, 2021

Italian beer company Birra Peroni is using EY OpsChain Traceability to bring transparency to its supply chain using NFTs — from field to each bottle.

Woolworths to partner with KNAPP for automated fulfillment centre

10 May, 2021

Woolworths has announced plans to construct a new automated fulfillment centre in Auburn, NSW, for improved delivery of online grocery orders.

Australia Post to opt out of food deliveries

21 April, 2021

Australia Post's announcement to stop food deliveries on some perishable goods may be bad news for some small-scale food producers.

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