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Spray Nozzle Engineering

Spray Nozzle Engineering

Spray Nozzle Engineering has a solution for every spraying application, including sorting, ejecting, drying, cooling, coating, odour control, wastewater treatment, washdown, tank cleaning, foaming and fogging, sanitising and racking.
Fostering partnerships with world leaders in food and beverage manufacturing equipment, Spray Nozzle Engineering offers a large range of products to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim, including air knives, washdown guns, metal and X-ray detectable equipment, tank cleaning spray nozzles and machines, and specialty nozzles. They have also designed and developed many patented products for their own and other companies ranging from spray dry nozzle technology to safe hose rewind control used in food, dairy and beverage plants worldwide.
As leaders in safe fluid or air transfer in applications including washdown, lubricating and cleaning, sister company Reel Tech provides dependable hose and cable reel solutions. All reels are available in full stainless steel, making Reel Tech the ideal choice in your sanitary production environment.
With experience spanning more than 20 years, Spray Nozzle Engineering has developed a reputation for quick service, and technical, engineering and specialist application support for any specification.

Phone: 03 9583 2368
Fax: 03 9585 0218
Unit 1-8, 27 Shearson Crescent , Mentone VIC 3194 (Directions)


Spray Nozzle Engineering SILVENT 941 small flat nozzle

The SILVENT 941 nozzle generates a wide, thin air stream with a blowing force of 3.4 N, making air savings of 40% and a noise reduction of 17 dB(A).

Bete HydroPulse nozzle for oiling and coating

The HydroPulse from Bete provides a controlled intermittent liquid spray using only liquid pressure as the force for atomisation in addition to a drip-free performance.

Silvent 300 customised air knife system

Available from Spray Nozzle Engineering, the Silvent 300 in stainless steel is a highly flexible air knife system that can be specifically tailored for nearly any application.

Bete HydroClaw Nozzles

The HydroClaw nozzle quickly cleans tanks, eliminates maintenance downtime associated with clogged spray balls and has no moving parts.

Silvent Pro One air gun

The Silvent Pro One air gun aims to minimise the number of occupational injuries when blowing with compressed air.

Spray Nozzle Engineering water-saving and washdown equipment

Spray Nozzle Engineering's range of water-saving and washdown equipment is particularly suited to the rigours of the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

M-Series C.I.P spray nozzles

M-Series C.I.P spray nozzles are designed to provide high-quality tank cleaning results at low operating pressures.

Improved Spray Dry Nozzle Cleaning Hygiene

The Click&Dry Spray Dry Series by Spray Nozzle Engineering has made cleaning and hygiene easier and safer.

Gamajet tank cleaning savings calculator

Gamajet has developed an online tank cleaning savings calculator that estimates potential time and water savings by optimising your tank cleaning process.

Reel Tech stainless steel washdown system

Reel Tech has launched a stainless steel washdown system for food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical plants.

Spray Nozzle Engineering wine solutions

Spray Nozzle Engineering has a long history of providing solutions to the wine and beer processing industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Lafferty 517 Sanitiser

Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies the Lafferty 517 Sanitiser to provide food manufacturers with the dilution ratios required for no-rinse applications in food plants.

Silvent 374 stainless steel air knife nozzle

The Silvent range of air knives can be constructed to meet any requirements and are used to clean, dry, sort or cool processes during manufacture.

Spray chilling nozzles for meat processing

Spray Nozzle Engineering has developed a range of carcass-chilling nozzles to suit existing or new systems.

BETE spraying solutions for food and beverage processing

Spray Nozzle Engineering has available the BETE range of spraying solutions for food, beverage and dairy processing plants.

Spray Nozzle Engineering Silvent 2055 safety air gun

Spray Nozzle Engineering has a range of safety air nozzles which reduce compressed air noise and usage.

Spray Nozzle Engineering '10 Facts Spray Dryer Nozzle Design' safety booklet

Spray Nozzle Engineering has released an updated safety booklet, entitled '10 Facts Spray Dryer Nozzle Design'.

Spray Nozzle Engineering GEN-4 Drip-Pro spray dry nozzle check valve

Spray Nozzle Engineering has released the GEN-4 Drip-Pro spray dry nozzle check valve for dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, bioprocessing and other industrial spray-drying applications.

Bete XA low flow-rate atomising nozzles

Spray Nozzle Engineering has expanded its range of air atomising nozzles to include the Bete XA 10 /11 bodies.

Spray Nozzle Engineering tank head repair and cleaning

Spray Nozzle Engineering has opened two tank head repair and cleaning centres of excellence.

"10 facts of hose reel safety" by Reel Tech

Reel Tech has identified 10 hose reel hazards, including rewind speed, to include in your safety risk assessment, and has released its booklet, "10 facts of hose reel safety".

Gamajet Rotacheck tank cleaning validation system

The Gamajet Rotacheck is designed to validate the rotary impingement cleaning process inside sanitary tanks. Built on patented technology and mechanical design, the Rotacheck stores time and pressure data, automatically calculating the cleaning process's feedback.

Reel Tech washdown hose reel with Safe-R-Reel rewind speed control

Reel Tech's stainless steel Safe-R-Reel rewind speed control system reduces the chance of equipment damage and injury due to excessive rewind speed.

Strahman Mini M-70LF Series low-flow, water-saving trigger nozzle

The Strahman Mini M-70LF Series from Spray Nozzle Engineering is designed for heavy-duty cleaning in all industrial applications, and is suitable for both hot and cold washdown applications.

Spray Nozzle Engineering M-Series tank cleaning nozzle heads

Spray Nozzle Engineering has developed the M-Series range of tank cleaning nozzle heads.

Gamajet E-Z8 tank and trailer cleaning machines

Gamajet E-Z8 tank and trailer cleaning machines from Spray Nozzle Engineering are designed to reduce time spent cleaning and increase tank turnaround time.

Spray Nozzle Engineering Silvent 973 spray nozzle for wide objects

The Silvent 973 nozzle creates an air stream with a broader striking surface, making it suitable for drying, sorting or cleaning wide objects. It is capable of withstanding high ambient temperatures and corrosive chemical environments.

Spray Nozzle Engineering washdown solution

SprayNozzle Engineering has developed a washdown solution that includes a stainless steel seat designed to prevent nozzle leakage, which automatically shuts off the nozzle when the trigger is released, further reducing wastewater.

Strahman Valves and Washdown Equipment sanitary ram valve

Spray Nozzle Engineering, exclusive technical supplier of Strahman Valves and Washdown Equipment, has launched what it says is the first sanitary ram valve to be compliant with ASME-BPE-2002 standards.

Spray Nozzle Engineering spraying solutions and service

Being Australia’s only manufacturer and exporter of industrial nozzle technology for the food industry, Spray Nozzle Engineering has engineered systems for coating, spraying, cooling, coating, blow-drying, clean in place and much more.

Strahman Kwik Clean 3 and Vari-Spray Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzles

These two industrial-strength washdown spray nozzles form part of a line of pre-rinse products for commercial food service kitchens, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and institutional markets.

Detectamet metal and X-ray detector test pieces

Detectamet precision metal and X-ray detector test pieces ensure metal detection and X-ray equipment works correctly and conforms to required quality assurance standards.

GentleJet wine barrel cleaning machine

As ‘toast’ can be an important factor when making wine, Gamajet has released the GentleJet; a wine barrel cleaning machine that is claimed to provide a thorough clean without damaging the barrel’s toast.

Detectamet metal-detectable products

CK Safety has recently introduced an extensive line of metal detectable products to reduce the risk of product contamination during production.

Silvent SIS silencers

Silvent’s safety silencers are designed to handle sensitive systems with large flows that require minimal flow restriction. The silencers are compact in size, provide effective noise suppression and feature a built-in warning indicator that immediately shows any increase in backpressure in the system.

Lafferty foaming and sanitising equipment

Lafferty foaming and sanitising equipment has been specifically developed for use in the food and beverage industry. Both fixed and portable systems are available and they are suitable for foaming, sanitising and rinsing.

Sentry hand hygiene dispenser

The Sentry hand hygiene dispenser is a robust, foot-operated unit that is designed to be easily placed wherever hand sanitation is critical, such as in food preparation areas, to prevent contamination.

Large area foamer

The Lafferty Equipment Liberty 75 L portable foamer is for use with ready-to-use chemical cleaning agents and features a heavy-duty, non-pressurised, polyethylene tank that can be replaced and 25 cm wheels for high manoeuvrability and durability.

Heavy duty water gun

The Nito II Water Gun is a heavy-duty water gun that is suitable for flushing and cleaning jobs in industries and tasks that require a sturdy gun that gives a heavy-duty clean, is able to withstand tough conditions and saves water when in use.

Low flow spray nozzle

Spray Nozzle Engineering says the Mini-M70LF Low Flow Spray Nozzle gives you maximum cleaning with low flow and thus, maximum water savings.

Atomising spray nozzle

The BETE XAAD nozzle uses the energy in compressed air to produce highly atomised sprays at low flow rates to ensure a total clean with less compressed air consumption.

Low-flow spray nozzle for maximum water savings

The Mini-M70LF from Spray Nozzle Engineering gives the user maximum cleaning with low-flow and thus, maximum water savings.

Low-flow spray nozzle

The Mini-M70LF spray nozzle features maximum cleaning with low-flow and thus, maximum water savings. A lightweight, easy-to-handle spray nozzle, the Mini-M70LF is designed for heavy-duty cleaning and ensures consistent spray pattern changes, even at a low flow rate.

High-pressure spray gun

The Lagafors Triggless II Spray Gun features an ergonomic design that reduces muscle stress on the user and allows for a range of different gripping methods. Its lightweight design also means that it can be used comfortably with one hand.

Solid seal system

With the expandable bung/cam locking system, the Rack-it-Teer makes the wine racking process faster and uses less purging gas. It allows for the filling and emptying of 10 or more barrels to each bottle of purging gas used, assuming gas is used to fill or empty the wine barrel.

Save water during the cleaning and washdown process

Spray Nozzle Engineering has released the Strahman M-70 Automatic Water Saver Spray Nozzle for use in the cleaning and washdown process in the food, beverage and dairy industries.


Safer, faster CIP without spray balls

Spray Nozzle Engineering's quest to develop more efficient CIP tank cleaning technology has led to its most recent innovation: spray ball replacement.

Case Studies

Milk processor saves time, chemicals and water by cleaning with Gamajet

Switching to Gamajet to clean its spray dryers has saved a milk company time, chemicals and water.



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