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SEW-Eurodrive Pty Ltd

SEW-Eurodrive's System Solution concept is creating the perfect mix for any motion in any industry. Whether it be hygienic solutions for the food and beverage industry, weatherproof solutions for outdoor environments or powerful solutions for the mining sector, SEW-Eurodrive can provide the perfect mix for every motion. The SEW-Eurodrive group is a global designer and developer of mechanical power transmission systems and motor control electronics, headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany. Its broad spectrum of integrated solutions includes geared motors and gear units, high torque industrial gear units, high-efficiency motors, electronic frequency inverters and servo drive systems and decentralised drive systems. The Australian division of SEW-Eurodrive is headquartered in Melbourne and is supported by a network of offices in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

Phone: 1300 739 287
Fax: 03 9933 1003
27 Beverage Drive , Tullamarine VIC 3043 (Directions)


Sew Eurodrive XCO drive package

Durable drives with preventive measures up to OS4.

XCO durable drives with preventive measures up to OS4

The surface protection levels range from standard to levels OS1 to OS3. With the ASEPTIC package, OS4 is set as standard.

SEW-Eurodrive MOVIGEAR mechatronic drive system

SEW-Eurodrive MOVIGEAR combines three core products — gear unit, motor and electronic drive — into a compact and totally enclosed housing.

SEW-Eurodrive S12 safety option for Movifit decentralised drive inverter

SEW-Eurodrive has developed the integrated S12 safety option for its decentalised Movifit FC/MC drive units.

SEW-Eurodrive servo Spiroplan right-angle gear unit

The single-stage Spiroplan is available in models W10, W20, W30, W37 and W47. It can be used as a stand-alone gear unit for direct motor mounting or for mounting on the motor using the low backlash adapter.

SEW-Eurodrive DRC electronic motor

The SEW-Eurodrive DRC electronic motor series consists of a permanent-field synchronous motor and matching integrated drive electronics.

SEW-Eurodrive P072 and P082 planetary gear units

SEW-Eurodrive has added two sizes to its P-Series products: P072 and P082. With these two additions, the P-Series covers rated torques up to 500 kNm.

MOVITRAC LTP B frequency inverter

The MOVITRAC LTP B frequency inverter is suited to a variety of drive solutions in a wide range of applications. The unit series has been designed for universal use, offering good motor control of both induction and permanent-magnet synchronous motors (with or without encoder feedback).

SEW-Eurodrive Smart Servo Package

SEW-Eurodrive has launched a Smart Servo Package designed to make a servomotor drive automation task simpler and faster to implement. The offering contains all necessary components for a complete automation solution in a coordinated package.

SEW-Eurodrive X-Series and MC Compact Series gear units

SEW-Eurodrive’s Australian-assembled X-Series gear units boast very fine torque graduation allowing users to closely match an X-Series gear unit to their application. This provides wide gear-unit choice and flexibility. The X-Series is suited to applications ranging from conveyor systems, to ball mills and agitators. The entire X-Series range is offered in a choice of 15 sizes with torque ratings ranging from 58 to 475 kNm.

SEW-Eurodrive IP66 Movitrac LTE version B inverter

SEW-Eurodrive has launched an IP66 extension of the Movitrac LTE version B frequency inverter range. It is suited to low-power variable-speed drive applications, such as small fans and pumps, machine tools and conveyors. Previously available in both IP20 and IP55 housings, the IP66 model provides added dust and water protection for harsh environments.

SEW-Eurodrive DR motor series

SEW-Eurodrive has extended its energy-efficient DR motor series with the inclusion of new 2- and 6-pole variants, complementing its established 4-pole DR motor varieties. Combined with many user options, the extended DR motor line-up provides enhanced motor choice and flexibility, delivering optimised energy efficiencies to a broad range of drive applications.

SEW-Eurodrive DUV30A vibration analysis sensor

The DUV30A vibration analysis sensor features faster sampling time at a constant speed, allowing the monitoring of more dynamic gear-unit applications. A key element of any effective predictive maintenance program, the DUV30A permits the early detection of gear-unit wear and damage, enabling site personnel to plan gear-unit maintenance.

SEW-Eurodrive KES37 and RES37 stainless steel gear units

The KES37 and RES37 stainless steel gear units feature casings and shafts made from stainless steel, inherently suitable for aseptic applications where caustic/high-pressure washdowns are required or where there is potential for product contamination.

SEW-Eurodrive Movipro SDC (standard drive controller)

SEW-Eurodrive has released the Movipro SDC (standard drive controller). The SDC features a compact IP54-rated enclosure and provides industry with an easy-to-use field-mountable drive solution - for decentralised single-axis speed control and positioning applications.

SEW-Eurodrive X-Series industrial gear-unit range

SEW-Eurodrive has launched its Australian-assembled X-Series industrial gear-unit range. Local assembly will initially focus on four distinct sizes, with torque ratings of 58 to 90 kNm.

Electric servomotor-driven actuating cylinders

SEW-Eurodrive has launched a range of electric servomotor-driven actuating cylinders — the CMS electric cylinder series. Presenting a high-performance alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic actuating cylinders, the CMS electric cylinder series provides accurate linear positioning for a wide range of single-plane motion applications.

Frequency inverters

SEW-Eurodrive has launched the next evolution of its Movitrac LTE series of frequency inverters, version B.

MEPS-compliant motor series

SEW-Eurodrive has extended the DR series of energy-efficient induction motors to 45 kW. The motors will feature an optimised design and include advanced cast-copper rotor technology variants.

Aseptic motor series

SEW-Eurodrive has unveiled its DAS Aseptic AC induction motor series which features either IP66 or optional IP69K self-draining enclosure design. The DAS Aseptic motor series has been designed to accommodate the most stringent hygienic manufacturing requirements.

White Papers

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Discover how Yalumba reduced energy consumption, created a safer work environment and ensured compliance to the tightening international quality standards.

Minimise your risk of contamination from processing equipment

Food particles can easily be caught in production equipment, creating a biological hazard. Your cleaning process is critical to avoiding contamination. Installed equipment, including motors and gears, needs to cope with the harsh treatment it receives during washdowns.

Energy saving solutions for food and beverage manufacturers

Material handling machinery can lose over 50% efficiency through your electromechanic drive system (which transforms the electrical energy from your power supply into mechanical energy for your machinery). With energy responsible for up to 90% of machinery operation costs, using a modern system can dramatically reduce your expenses.

A synergy of ecology, economy and social responsibility

Against a background of scarce resources and rising energy costs, it has become crucial for industry to invest in more efficient processes and machines.

Reducing costs, minimising downtime and maintaining hygiene in food and beverage manufacturing

Recent events, such as the troubles facing SPC Ardmona, have illustrated the immense stress this industry is under to optimise production and keep costs low to remain economically viable.

Manufacturers across the world are taking a close look at their operations to see where they can find cost savings. This white paper discusses cost-saving solutions including decentralised drive technologies. Download now to read more.



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