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Omron Electronics Pty Ltd

Omron offers a comprehensive suite of innovative automation products and solutions and work closely with our customers throughout all stages of their projects. We own and develop our technology and annually commit a significant dollar value into R&D. Whether you are automating an entire plant or upgrading portions of your process, we have the expertise and resources to provide the right solution with the latest technology.

Phone: 1300 766 766
Fax: 1800 656 756
71 Epping Road , North Ryde NSW 2113 (Directions)


OMRON HD-1500 mobile robot

The OMRON HD-1500 mobile robot has a heavy payload capacity of up to 1500 kg.

OMRON LD UVC disinfection robot

The LD UVC disinfection robot from Omron Asia Pacific uses UVC light to break down pathogens' DNA and RNA, thus preventing the spread of infectious disease.

Omron 3G3MX2 Series multi-function compact inverter

Omron's 3G3MX2 series multi-function compact inverter helps users achieve harmonised machine and motor control, with PID control and built-in safety.

Omron FHV7 smart camera

The Omron FHV7 smart camera enables users to detect defects and measure products in food production lines.

Omron NX series Safety Network Controller

Omron has released the NX series Safety Network Controller, which supports both CIP Safety and Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) protocols.

Omron i4 SCARA robots

Omron Corporation has announced the i4 line of SCARA robots, which save space during installation and allow easy configuration into existing production lines. 

Omron NX1P machine automation controller

Omron's NX1P machine automation controller is equipped with technology to meet the demand for efficient production of high-quality products in small to midsize production machines.

Omron S8BA series DC-DC uninterruptible power supply

Omron's S8BA series of DC-DC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is designed to produce a steady 24 VDC output for industrial-purpose computers (IPC) and controllers. The compact UPS offers equipment stability.

Omron FQ2 Vision Sensor for product inspections

Omron's FQ2 Vision Sensor is suitable for product inspections in a wide variety of industry sectors, including food and beverage, packaging and pharmaceutical applications.

Omron Trajexia stand-alone modular motion platform

Trajexia is a stand-alone modular motion platform system that allows maximum flexibility and scalability. At the heart of the system lies the TJ2 multitasking machine controller. Powered by a 64-bit processor, it can perform motion tasks such as e-cam, e-gearbox, registration control and interpolation, all via simple motion commands.

Omron Trajexia motion control system

Trajexia is Omron’s motion platform that provides the performance and the ease of use of a dedicated motion system. It is a stand-alone modular system that allows maximum flexibility and scalability. At the heart of system lies the TJ1 multitasking motion coordinator. Powered by a 32-bit DSP, it can perform motion tasks such as e-cam, e-gearbox, registration control and interpolation, all via simple motion commands.

Omron Type FQ Series vision sensor

Omron’s Type FQ Series vision sensor incorporates full-blown image processing capabilities in a palm-size footprint.

Omron F3S-TGR-N stainless steel coded non-contact switches

The F3S-TGR-N stainless steel coded non-contact switches have been introduced with the food processing industry in mind. The switches are used to interlock hinge, sliding or removable guard doors.

Omron vision sensor, ioniser and data logger

Omron’s vision sensor, ioniser and data logger can be used to eliminate static charge, for quality inspection and to record all data in production plants, particularly in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, motor vehicle and even semiconductors or digital appliance sectors and to solve quality issues.

High speed data logger

Omron has released a high-speed data logger, the ZR-RX70 Multi-logger. The loggers can be used to collect and observe sensing data and accept multi inputs in voltage, temperature, humidity and pulse. A logic format makes them practical in various fields.

Image processing system

The ZFX-CD smart vision sensor is a total image processing system that includes everything from a camera with an integrated light source to an image processing unit, 1D/2D and pharmacode reading capability.


Humans and robots work in harmony

Omron's Collaborative Robots are designed to ease the workload for factory workers, allowing humans and robots to work harmoniously.

Automation solutions seminar

Automation technology specialist Omron will conduct an Automation Solutions Seminar for the food processing and meat industries at its headquarters in Silverwater, Sydney, on Friday, 24 June.



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