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Key Diagnostics Pty Ltd

Phone: 02 8212 4074
Fax: 02 9423 6992
PO Box 1038 , Gymea NSW 2227 (Directions)


InSite L. mono Glo swab test

InSite L. mono Glo is a self-contained swab system for the simultaneous detection of Listeria species and Listeria monocytogenes.

EnSURE Touch hygiene monitoring system

The EnSURE Touch is a next-generation hygiene monitoring system that collects, analyses and reports data from multiple quality tests.

Hygiena ZymoSnap ALP testing system

Hygiena's ZymoSnap ALP is an alkaline phosphatase testing system designed to verify pasteurisation efficiency in short shelf life dairy products within just five minutes.

MicroSnap platform for rapid microbial testing

The MicroSnap platform bridges the time gap between ATP and bacterial culture results with convenient, 8-hour or less tests for E. coli, coliform, Enterobacteriaceae, and Total Viable Counts for both environmental swabs as well as product testing.

Biomedal GlutenTox Stick kit for gluten detection

Key Diagnostics has available the Biomedal GlutenTox Stick kit for the semiquantitative detection of gluten in food and beverages and on surfaces.

Hygiena InSite Listeria test

Hygiena InSite is a quick and easy presumptive environmental Listeria test that has been designed to monitor presence of Listeria in environmental samples from the food processing environment.

Microgen Path-Chek environmental Listeria kit

The Microgen Path-Chek environmental Listeria kit is a simple and safe kit to use even if the user doesn’t have their own laboratory. Simply swab the surface, snap the swab tip into the tube and incubate. A positive result is indicated when the tube changes from yellow to black.

Key Diagnostics chemical-free dissolved ozone sanitation

Key Diagnostics’ range of dissolved ozone systems converts tap water into a fast-acting sanitiser composed of dissolved ozone water. This is not a water treatment system but rather a replacement for traditional chemicals for the sanitation of equipment, floors and walls, and is also approved for direct application to food to reduce bacterial levels.

Key Diagnostics Aller-Snap low-level protein swab

Aller-Snap is a quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of surfaces to help ensure product quality.

Real-time hygiene testing

The SystemSure Plus rapid hygiene system is a cleaning validation tool that provides an answer in seconds. It is a palm-sized system that is easy to use, with applications in large and small food processors, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets and other industries where rapid detection of contamination is critical. It allows companies to determine the cleaning efficiency and hygienic status of surfaces and water, ensuring product quality.



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