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Jet Technologies Australia

Jet Technologies focuses on the import and distribution of products and machinery to the printing, packaging, food and beverage industries. Contact us to learn more about the company's VFFS/FFS and FS machines, as well as die cut lidding, gravure printed flexible packaging, pre made pouches, septic bags, aluminium trays and bag in box products.

Phone: 02 8399 4999
Fax: 02 8399 2277
Unit 1, 55 Kent Road , Mascot NSW 2020 (Directions)


Vintop PVDC-free wine closures

These wine closures offer customisable designs yet are eco-friendly due to their lack of polyvinylidene chloride.

Goglio VFFS Machine with block-bottom capability

Jet Technologies has introduced the Goglio VFFS Machine with block-bottom capability to the coffee industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Jet Technologies partners with Vinventions NomaSense analyser

The Vinventions NomaSense O2 analyser allows winemakers to measure oxygen and gas levels at every stage of the winemaking process.

Jet Technologies SUBR F7 biodegradable wine cork

Jet Technologies, in partnership with Vinventions, has released the SUBR F7 biodegradable wine cork.

Jet Technologies recyclable sparkling wine hoods

The Jet Technologies recyclable sparkling wine hood is made from 100% biocompatible material.

Jet Technologies oxo-degradable plastic film

Jet Technologies is launching an oxo-degradable plastic film for food and beverage packaging labels and laminates.

Jet Technologies aseptic packaging solution for long-life food

Jet Technologies has released an aseptic packaging solution designed to maximise the storage and shelf life of thermally sterilised food products.

Ilpra Fill Seal R12/4 Tronic rotary filler and sealer

The Ilpra Fill Seal R12/4 Tronic rotary filler and sealer is suitable for applications including dairy, dips, desserts, soups, condiment sauces and yoghurt products.

Jet Technologies Rough Touch textured matte film

Jet Technologies has announced the Rough Touch textured matte film, featuring a unique, rough, gritty feel.

Jet Technologies Entice range of soft touch films

Jet Technologies has announced its Entice range of soft touch films for consumer product labels that are designed to add a sense of luxury.

Jet Technologies Smart Capper automated capping machine

Jet Technologies' Smart Capper is a fully automated capping machine designed for production lines.

Jet Technologies Ilpra R12/4 Tronic rotary filler and sealer

Jet Technologies' Ilpra Fill Seal R12/4 has up to 12 stations and offers food manufacturers the flexibility to use each station for different purposes.

Jet Technologies cask for beverages and liquid products

Jet Technologies' cask is suitable for all types of drinks and offers a high preservation quality.

Jet Technologies FS 7000 Tronic filling and sealing machine

The Jet Technologies FS 7000 Tronic is a food and beverage filling and sealing machine equipped with an automatic turntable.

Jet Technologies bioplastics coffee packaging

Jet Technologies has launched high-volume bioplastics coffee packaging that is fully biodegradable.

SLM series of UV shrinkable low migration inks and coatings

The production of legally compliant food packaging requires that the right choice of Flexographic inks and varnishes is used. With recent developments, the SLM Series of UV inks and coatings offer a range of EuPIA food packaging compliant formulations with special features.

HZ-Wellpack Jetseal cap wadding material range

The HZ-Wellpack Jetseal range is suitable for all cap wadding material requirements. The extensive range of wadding materials includes: paper, PE, EPE, PP, PET, aluminium foils and other specialty polymers and laminates of these materials.

Crown Closures metal cap range

The Crown Closures metal cap range is not only designed to seal a product for protection and preservation, it can also provide ‘shelf appeal’ to help to sell the product. Available in printed or plain formats, the caps can be embossed for the premium image or specially shaped to give brand recognition and differentiation.

Dipileg moulded plastic tub

The Dipileg moulded plastic tub with in-built serving utensils is suitable for a wide range of food applications. The container is available in a range of shapes and sizes and works well with most fill and seal machines.

Goglio G300 coffee packaging solution

Goglio’s G300 coffee packaging solution is suitable for 250 g and 1 kg coffee bean packs.


Polyphenol analyser for the wine industry

Vinventions, in partnership with Jet Technologies, has launched a decision-making tool that measures the polyphenol content at different stages of the winemaking process.

The importance of wine closure selection

Different wines are suited to different wine closures, and the selection of closures can have an impact on a wine’s taste, quality and shelf-life.

Jet Technologies & Grinders Coffee sustainable packaging initiative

Jet Technologies has teamed up with Grinders Coffee to change up its packaging so it meets the requirements of the RED Group REDcycle initiative.

Jet Technologies celebrates 40 years

Jet Technologies is celebrating 40 years of service in the industrial printing and packaging industries.

Packaging supplier steps up to meet high FMGC demand

Jet Technologies, a specialist food packaging supplier, has been working double time to meet increased demand from FMGC customers.

Supplier cuts energy consumption by switching to solar

An Australian supplier for the food packaging and industrial manufacturing industries, Jet Technologies, has switched to solar at its Sydney headquarters.

Innovation award for Chris' Dips

A partnership to create innovative packaging for a gourmet dip range has been recognised as the most innovative product at the 2015 DIAA Australian Dairy Product Competition.

Successful open house for Jet Technologies

Jet Technologies had an impressive turnout at its open house event last Friday, with more than 120 visitors dropping by throughout the day to view the newly refurbished office and tour the warehouse and demo centre.



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