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ITW Zip-Pak Australia

Phone: 03 9579 3911
Fax: 03 9579 3611
2-4 Eskay Rd , South Oakleigh VIC 3167 (Directions)


Zip-Pak Safety-Lok Child-Resistant Solutions

Zip-Pak's Safety-Lok Child-Resistant Solutions can be used for flexible packaging.

Zip-Pak Soft-Crush zippers

Due to the development of eco-friendly and heat-sensitive films, Zip-Pak has introduced a range of zipper options suitable to be used with such structures.

Zip-Pak Soft-Crush zippers

Zip-Pak has developed a range of Soft-Crush zipper options suitable for the flexible packaging industry, in several existing zipper reclosure styles and sizes.

Zip-Pak Zip360 resealable pouch

A 360° perimeter zipper around the package creates a wide-mouth opening on the Zip360 resealable pouch providing easy access to pouch contents.

Zip-Pak's consumer-centric resealable solutions including Vector, Fragrance-Zip and Slider Select

ITW- Zip-Pak has released a range of consumer-centric resealable solutions particularly suited to the Australian and New Zealand food markets and consumers.

Zip-Pak Fragrance-Zip aroma-emitting zipper closure

Zip-Pak has developed the Fragrance-Zip, a zipper closure solution designed to emit a customised aroma upon initial and subsequent openings of a flexible package. The scent is embedded in the reclosure during the manufacturing process. The fragrance can be incorporated into any style of resealable Zip-Pak closure. The company claims it can duplicate most aromas, enabling a package to replicate a desired scent whenever opened.

Zip-Pak Vector resealable matrix for flexible packaging

The Zip-Pak Vector resealable matrix closes securely, without exact alignment of opposing segments, to provide an airtight seal. It has been designed for integration into existing flexible packaging lines.

Zip-Pak Zip360 resealable package format

The Zip360 is resealable package format provides consumer convenience and shelf impact for a wide range of markets. It has a flexible pouch format featuring a wide opening and pour-spout functionality making it suitable for a number of applications. The packaging enables graphics around the entire surface area of the pouch, to maximise shelf impact at the point of purchase.

Zip-Pak Zipbox carton with resealable pouch

Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (THEM) and Zip-Pak have released Zipbox, an innovative package format that combines the convenience of a resealable pouch with the functionality of a folding carton.

Zip-Pak Zip360 resealable pouch

The wide opening of the Zip360 resealable pouch allows for easy access to contents and can be resealed in two ways.

Eco-friendly slider

The Zip-Pak Slider Advantage is a smaller slider solution designed with less material to reduce manufacturing costs and decrease a package’s environmental footprint.



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