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Intralox Australia Pty Ltd

Phone: 1800 128 742
Fax: 1800 120 705
PO Box 155 , Somerton VIC 3062 (Directions)



The Intralox OMNI-DIRECTIONAL Turner is capable of turning packages 90° to the left or right on demand.

Intralox ThermoDrive belting

ThermoDrive belting combines the cleanability of solid homogeneous belting with the low-maintenance, positive-drive operation of Intralox modular belting. The belts are made from homogeneous thermoplastic with 100% closed surfaces - a solution for food processing applications, especially those with strict sanitation and hygiene requirements.

Intralox Omni-Directional Sorter

Intralox's Omni-Directional Sorter is capable of both receiving products from any direction and then sorting them in any direction at high rates within a compact footprint.

Intralox Activated Roller Belt technology

Intralox claims its Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology can assist users to optimise their conveyor layout and maximise plant productivity. The technology can reduce overall system costs, save floor space and reduce system controls and complexity.

Intralox conveyor belt service upgrade

Intralox has expanded its service levels globally and is now offering a lead time of seven working days for belts assembled from stock components; same day, next day, and three-day shipment services for belts assembled from stock components; and free belt guarantees for all expedited orders. and if Intralox does not ship an expedited belt order on time, then the belt and stock accessories are free of charge (up to USD 10,000) and the expediting fee is waived.

Conveyor belting

Intralox has partnered with Mol Belting Systems to become the exclusive provider of ThermoDrive conveyor belting. ThermoDrive belting is a positive-drive, low-tension belting with a continuous, easy-to-clean surface.

Positive-drive belting

The Mol Belting Systems ThermoDrive conveyor belting is a positive-drive, low-tension belting with a continuous, easy-to-clean surface. Like Intralox modular plastic belting, ThermoDrive belts are especially suited to hygienic applications in food processing. With a 100% closed surface, the homogenous, thermoplastic belts can improve food safety, quality assurance and operational efficiency.

Conveying poultry

Intralox has introduced hygienic conveyance solutions for poultry processing and technology for back-of-the-plant case handling applications.

Case handling solution

Intralox has available activated roller belting that provides a smart, automated method for directing the movement of conveyed articles. With greater flexibility, reliability and safety, it brings the advantages of modular plastic belting and more to package and case handling applications such as merging, diverting, singulating, sorting and others.

Belt for meat microwave applications

Intralox has released the Series 800 Raised Rib belt, which has been developed specifically to better meet the conveyance needs of meat processors in tough microwave applications. The belt features a 5 cm pitch, which contributes to added beam stiffness, belt strength and a longer service life. The Series 800 Raised Rib is suitable for bacon strip lines.

Hygienic inclined flight

Intralox has released its Series 850 100 mm Streamline flight module, designed for use with the Series 850 SeamFree Minimum Hinge flat top belt.

Tight transfer belt

Intralox LLC has released its new Series 1000 flat top belt, developed to meet needs of the beverage and packaging industry applications that require very tight transfers and high belt strength.

Hygienic conveying

Intralox's Clean Team claims to deliver conveyor sanitation technology that reduces cleaning time and water usage compared to manual cleaning. The Intralox SeamFree family of belts, which includes the Series 800, Series 850 and the Series 1650 SeamFree Minimum Hinge Flat Top belt, effectively channels water and debris away from the hinges and to the edge of the belt. The EZ clean in llace system with Angled EZ Clean Sprockets provides maximum cleaning efficiency in the belt underside, sprockets and shafts.

Blanching, cooking, freezing belt

Developed for blanching, cooking, freezing, and drying applications, Intralox's Series 800 Perforated Flat Top 29S belt affords easier cleaning and repair plus greater durability. Intralox's reinforced design saves labour and time, contributing to overall greater productivity.



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