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Food Grade Oils

STELLA's range of Food Grade Lubricants are NSF H-1 and registered and provide a complete range of oils, greases, fluids and sprays for food manufacturing and other clean lubrication environments. STELLA Food Grade Lubricants provide clean, safe and non-toxic lubrication for all of your machinery.

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STELLA Food Grade Waterproof Chain Lubricant

STELLA Food Grade Waterproof Chain Lubricant is a waterproof, tacky chain and conveyor lubricant that is NSF H1 registered for use where incidental food contact may occur.

Food Grade Oils STELLA Food Grade Lubricant Starter Kit

Each kit includes: WD Spray, which displaces water, penetrates, lubricates and is anti-corrosive; Spray Grease, a wide temperature range grease; Chain Spray, a waterproof chain and rail lubricant; and Anti-seize, which prevents bolts seizing.

STELLA Clear 2 non-toxic grease

Safe for incidental food contact and NSF H1 registered, STELLA Clear 2 is available from Food Grade Oils. Clear 2 is a non-melting and non-toxic grease suitable for lubricating plan and rolling element bearings, plastic components and O rings.

Stella HT 300 Food Grade High Temperature Chain Lubricant

Stella HT 300 Food Grade High Temperature Chain Lubricant is designed for the lubrication of conveyor chains and bearings running continuously at high temperatures up to 280°C, and short periods up to 300°C in the food manufacturing industry.

Stella Plus 2 food-grade grease

Stella Plus 2 grease is an extreme pressure and antiwear lubricating grease that contains PTFE. It can be used for all plain and antifriction bearings as well as sliding surfaces that operate between -50 and +170°C.



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