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Dynavac by Dynapumps

Dynavac by Dynapumps

Since 1981, Dynapumps have supplied high quality, recognised brands as a packaged product according to client specifications. Dynavac is Dynapumps own vacuum & blower product which provides solutions for all applications. Our offices around the country all specialise in the full range of vacuum solutions and are supported by our large manufacturing base and national engineering team.

Phone: 1300 788 579
Fax: 03 9465 9240
88 Belgravia Street , Belmont Western Australia 6104 (Directions)


Dynapumps Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps

Dynapumps' range of scroll pumps are oil-free, compact, quiet and capable of creating high levels of clean, dry vacuum by utilising the oscillation of two intertwining scrolls.

Dynapumps Dynavac Central Vacuum Systems

Dynapumps' Dynavac Central Vacuum Systems are manufactured and tested in Australia.

Dynapumps vacuum lifters

Dynapumps supplies a range of standard and custom vacuum lifters that provide material handling solutions for multiple applications.

Dynavac WOVP Series Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Dynavac WOVP Series Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps are suitable for industrial applications at coarse and fine vacuum.

Dynapumps rotary piston pumps

Rotary piston vacuum pumps are most commonly used in heavy-duty industrial applications.

Dynapumps programmed maintenance

Dynapumps can provide on-site maintenance for vacuum systems to maintain equipment in good working condition.

Dynavac liquid ring vacuum pumps

Dynavac manufactures complete engineered vacuum systems comprising single or two stage units with vacuum vessels, piping valves and instrumentation.

Northey claw-type gas compressors

Northey's hook and claw compressor has contra-rotating rotors that do not touch, so there is no wear between the components and no need for lubrication.

Dynavac VP 2-stage refrigeration vacuum pumps

Dynavac's VP range of 2-stage vacuum pumps is suitable for the commercial refrigeration industry.

Dynavac VCX Series dry-running claw vacuum pump

The Dynavac VCX Series Dry Running Claw Vacuum Pump has a simple, modular design and low maintenance requirements.

Dynapump freezer dryers

Dynapump freezer dryers provide an advanced method for removing water from a wide range of organic substances, without biological damage or other adverse effects.

Dynapumps side channel blower

The Dynapumps side channel blower has flows from 50–2500 m3/h and pressures up to 1000 mbar.

Dynapumps industrial and research sized diffusion pumps

The Dynapumps range of industrial and research sized diffusion pumps extends from small R&D pumps of 65 L/s to full-scale industrial pumps with capacities as large as 28,000 L/s.

Dynapumps vacuum booster

The Dynapumps vacuum booster provides high pumping capacities and high vacuums.

Dynavac dry-screw vacuum pumps

The Dynavac screw vacuum pump mechanism comprises two parallel screw rotors driven by a gearbox.
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