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CST Wastewater Solutions

CST Wastewater Solutions provides the complete package of environmentally advanced and efficient waste water treatment, recycling and green energy. Our track record of 20 years hands-on experience throughout Australasia is powerfully complemented by outstanding partnerships with global leaders in food and beverage technology.

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Unit 16, 20 Barcoo Street , Roseville NSW 2069 (Directions)


Global Water Engineering RAPTOR liquid-state anaerobic digestion technology

Global Water Engineering anaerobic digestion technologies extract biogas from virtually any biological waste stream, including municipal food wastes from restaurants, foodservice facilities and grocery stores; municipal solid waste; and organic wastes from industrial processing facilities, food and beverage plants, and agribusinesses.

CST Wastewater Rotary Drum Screen for removing solids from wastewater

CST Wastewater has introduced its Rotary Drum Screen for high-efficiency screening of industrial wastewaters.

Smith & Loveless Pista Works headworks package wastewater system

The Pista Works headworks package from Smith & Loveless is a pre-engineered packaged wastewater headworks system combining screening, grit removal and grit washing into one integrated system.

Primary producer transforming waste into green energy

Clean water and green energy technology from Global Water Engineering (GWE) has been used by Chokyuenyong Industrial in Thailand to cut effluent COD pollution levels at its cassava production plant by more than 95%. The gas from its wastewater has also been extracted to power its boilers and generate electricity for its own use and to sell back to the provincial grid.

CST Wastewater Solutions SFC vertical screen compactor

The SFC vertical screen compactor can be used to cost-effectively screen wastewater and compact extracted solids.

Closed vessel UV disinfection systems

Berson’s InLine+ series of UV water disinfection systems are now fully validated in accordance with the USEPA UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM). The validation certifies the use of the systems for the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2ESWTR) released by EPA in November 2006.

Titan MBR wastewater treatment

CST Wastewater Solutions’ latest MBR (membrane biological reactor) wastewater treatment, the Titan MBR, is a robust and efficient low-maintenance system for industrial applications.

Wastewater re-use approval

Advanced UV technology claims to have become the first company in the world to gain formal approval for wastewater re-use applications.

Clean water and green energy solutions for vegetable processor

Vegetable processing organisation Bonduelle has awarded Global Water Engineering (GWE) a contract for a combined anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment plant to serve two of its production facilities in Hungary.


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