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Substar tocopherol replacement product

Vitiva has launched Substar, a rosemary-based, oil-soluble oxidation management system. Substar is an alternative to tocopherols for protecting shelf life in a variety of food, cosmetic, pet food and animal feed products.

LycoRed Lyc-O-Mega vegetarian omega-3 source

LycoRed has released Lyc-O-Mega, a vegetarian omega-3 source. This ingredient is fish odour free and is produced DHA algae oil, making it especially suitable for vegetarians.

Slow-release flavours for confectionery

LycoRed has launched a line of slow-release ingredients that may help confectioners retain taste for longer. Chewing gum and chewy lollies ordinarily maintain their good taste for less than 5 mins. LycoRed’s slow-release technologies prolong flavour release, improving the marketability of gums and lollies.



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