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CMActive are the exclusive ANZ partner for Faerch, Glades, ANL, PWP and I2R. With over 5,000 products including aluminium smooth-wall map trays, dual-ovenable CPET, microwaveable PP, retortable AMPET products tailored to the retail, ready-meal, QSR, meat, seafood, deli, bakery, produce, pet food and snacking sectors.

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Faerch Plast two-compartment tray

Bakkavor Meals Sutton Bridge has worked with suppliers Faerch Plast to develop a black CPET two-compartment tray with an easy-snap process, made possible by the waved perforation within the pack design, to ensure a consistent and clean snap.

Faerch Plast modular packaging for airline catering

Faerch Plast has developed a range of modular packaging for airline catering. The series is easy to handle for the cabin crew, can be used in conventional ovens, is attractive and is user-friendly for passengers.

Sirane Dri-Fresh fruit packaging with ethylene absorbency

Sirane manufactures a range of products which incorporate ethylene removal, to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Sirane Dri-Fresh Fat-Trap grill and oven liners

Sirane's absorbent grill and oven liners keep grills and hot food display cabinets clean and attractive, and reduce cleaning time.

Faerch Plast MAPET II mono packaging trays

Faerch Plast has introduced containers created from MAPET II mono material.

Faerch Plast dual ovenable CPET containers

Faerch Plast's range of dual ovenable CPET (crystalline polyethylene terephthalate) containers for frozen and chilled convenience meals offer a temperature tolerance from -40°C to 220°C, for freezer-to-oven or microwave convenience.

Sirane Smart-Release microwave multi-compartment steam-cooking bag

Sirane Smart-Release is a microwave multi-compartment steam-cooking bag which allows the retailer to keep food separate until the moment during cooking they want it to combine.

Sirane Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mats

Sirane Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mats maintain a supply of fresh salt water to live seafood during transportation, enhancing their condition and presentation.  

Sirane Sira-Cook PA roast chicken packaging solution

Sirane's Sira-Cook PA is a packaging solution for meat, fish and poultry which allows food to be packed, shipped, retailed and cooked in the same package. The nylon material absorbs the fat released during cooking, resulting in crisp, clean food.

Sirane Sira-Flex Resolve wrapping film

Shelf-life extension of between two and five days has been reported for fruit and vegetables using Sirane’s Sira-Flex Resolve wrapping film. Retail trials using the film have reported four additional days of shelf life for potatoes and similar results with other fruit and vegetables.



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