World Omega-3 leader installs Australian-made Calair pneumatic system

Calair Pipe Systems Pty Ltd
Monday, 06 July, 2009

An Australian-manufactured tough, light and recyclable pneumatic reticulation system has been selected for use in an AU$20 million expansion by the largest fish oil manufacturer in the world.

About 1.5 km of the Calair polymer pipe system has been installed in the expanded Nova Scotia molecular distillation plant of Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd in a region where temperatures frequently fall to more than -25 °C.

The piping is eight times lighter than equivalent steel product and 30% lighter than PVC, making it very easy to handle in Ocean Nutrition’s MEG-3 fish processing plant producing Omega 3 oils.

Calair’s low-friction polymer pipe systems are designed for high-performance handling of compressed air, gases, chemicals, oil and water. Each type of piping is permanently colour-coded for content to provide optimum safety for installation, and operational and maintenance staff. The piping systems will not rust internally and are far easier and faster to erect and reconfigure than metal systems of copper, stainless steel and galvanised iron. No expensive skilled labour is needed; nor specialised trades such as welding.

Polymer won’t rust and drop flakes into production process pipes or clog them so air or other fluids have to fight to get through. Also, because polymer insulates better than metal piping, it isn’t as prone to condensation in the first place as hot air meets cold pipes.

The reticulation system — available in sizes from 12.5–100 mm — is a complete system, with a comprehensive range of joints, cross-pieces, elbows, fasteners and fittings.

The staff at the Ocean Nutrition plant were impressed with the system’s versatility.

Manufactured by a family owned private company, the energy-saving Calair pressure piping systems family of industrial and commercial pipe systems is designed to be totally recyclable.

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