Identifies codes like no other, meet the new SICK Lector85x

SICK Pty Ltd
Wednesday, 01 March, 2023

Identifies codes like no other, meet the new SICK Lector85x

Cost efficiency meets space efficiency: for reading portals such as those used in automated sorting processes for multi-sided reading of objects, the increase in code reading performance that the Lector85x makes possible means both a lower number of reading devices overall as well as a small footprint for the entire code reading tunnel.

New identification software platform: reliably read 1D and 2D codes

With the Lector85x, SICK is not just presenting a new image-based code reader, but also an innovative identification software platform with significantly improved decoding algorithms and a web-based operating concept. Thanks to the latest 12.4 megapixel imager technology, optimized illumination intensity, optional use of polarizing filters and capture of multiple object codes, the Lector85x delivers optimal images regardless of object size and object surface, and regardless of whether the object is a tire, a parcel, or a flat. Decoding algorithms improved by artificial intelligence ensure that codes can be detected on the object faster and more reliably and that even low-contrast or incompletely detected markings can be decoded reliably. The new web-based software enables easy commissioning without prior software installation on the PC.

Reliably master high throughputs and assign each code to the right parcel

Reliable code reading, correct assignment of codes to objects — the Lector85x eliminates probably the most common causes of errors in sorting processes, thus improving their throughput performance. Significantly improved processor and computing power, as well as the high-speed Gbit/s image channel, enable faster conveyor speeds of up to 3.5 m/s. The steeper mounting angle of the Lector85x reduces shadowing effects, allowing for smaller object gaps. If multiple objects are captured simultaneously, the integrated real-time tracking function ensures 3D tracking of the code within the field of view, thereby correctly assigning codes to the correct objects in each case.

In addition to code reading and object assignment, the best possible plant availability is a guarantee for maximum object throughput. This is why essential interfaces in the Lector85x as well as the system controller, the cabling or the data and voltage supply are designed redundantly, thus guaranteeing maximum sorter system productivity.

Sorting flight luggage: the Lector85x provides support in remote video coding

Thanks to its high-speed image and data transmission and good image quality, the Lector85x fulfills all the requirements for transmitting images for optical character recognition (OCR) and remote video coding (VCS) in addition to code reading. Secondary identification is possible with the image data provided — for example, the flight date, flight number, destination, registration number and IATA code can be identified at a later point. This significantly reduces the rejection rate of unidentifiable bags at airports as well as the time and effort required for manual processing and recoding.

Smart diagnosis tools enable error analysis

With selective image transfer and archiving, the process of analyzing no reads is made much simpler. Integrated into the efficient Package Analytics 4.0 analysis software, causes of read problems can be quickly and specifically identified and eliminated. In this way, the Lector85x, together with Package Analytics, also improves the availability and productivity of sorting processes.

Intuitive commissioning

The new web-based GUI does not require separate installation of software on the PC; all it needs is a browser. The installation and parameterisation interface guides the user intuitively through the setup menu, meaning expert knowledge is not required to get the Lector85x ready for operation in the shortest possible time. The reduced number of cameras required per reading portal results in significantly reduced cabling and parameterization work, saving a huge amount of time during commissioning.

Also available as a complete solution

SICK can also create individualised all-in-one complete solutions with the new Lector85x. System designs are tailored exactly to customer requirements and customer protocols are developed as needed. In addition to code reading, weight and volume data can be recorded and output. SICK supplies turnkey, customised solutions and provides support with installation and commissioning on request. This minimizes risks for the customer and ensures maximum performance and availability.

Lector85x Image-based code readers

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