Finding a better way to clean tannin manufacturing equipment

Tecpro Australia
Friday, 29 October, 2021

A tannin manufacturer was looking for a way to efficiently clean their equipment. Discover how they overcame this challenge.

While tannins occur naturally in wine, they can also be added to stabilise it and prevent formation of bacteria and moulds. That’s why tannin manufacturers need to follow strict cleaning protocols.

One tannin producer was looking for a washing process for their machinery. Before seeking help, they were manually cleaning the equipment (which included a large net basket) using high pressure washers. As a result, the cleaning process required large amounts of water and a great deal of manual labour.

Confident there was a better and more cost-effective way to clean their equipment, the tannin manufacturer sought expert assistance. With help from the Technical Department of PNR Italia a solution was found in the form of a skilfully designed washing system.

How it works

A series of manifolds are now located along the longitudinal axis of the net baskets used in the tannin manufacturing process. On the upper side of the manifold and positioned around the basket are nine high impact Flat Fan Nozzles. With a spoon-shaped convex surface, their role is to produce a narrow-angle, high-impact jet of cleaning fluid.

In addition, eight Rotating Washing Heads were installed in C-brackets to support the manifold structure. These Washing Heads are located at the top and bottom of the basket at both ends. Made entirely from stainless steel, the Rotating Washing Heads are mounted on a double row of steel ball-bearings to facilitate use in any position. Their role is to clean residue removed from the Flat Fan Nozzles to ensure the inside of the box is thoroughly cleaned.

A liquid supply inlet is positioned in the centre of the main manifold to pump cleaning fluids throughout the system. Three-way ball valves have also been installed to manage the flow of cleaning liquid so it flows first to the Flat Fan Nozzles and then onto the Rotating Washing Heads.

As a result of this clever design solution, the tannin manufacturer has significantly reduced the amount of water required to clean its equipment and decreased its labour costs.

Recognised for their ability to provide outstanding technical solutions, Tecpro Australia and their partners have been called upon to streamline cleaning operations across a wide range of industries. In addition, Tecpro is the exclusive distributor for many high-quality, European brands including the entire range of PNR Italia’s spray nozzles.

If you have a production or operational issue that you would like to streamline, speak to the team at Tecpro by calling 02 9634 3370 or email

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