GEA Process Engineering Eco-Icepush ice pigging service

Saturday, 17 May, 2014 | Supplied by: GEA Process Engineering Australia Pty Ltd

GEA Process Engineering has introduced a service that allows users to save product by using a method of purging process piping systems: Eco-Icepush.

The ice pigging technique forces an engineered two-phase ice slurry through process pipework to recover valuable product.  Because the ice is kept in a fluid state it has the ability to reach every part of the system, even small, complex geometries. The sharpness of the ice as it passes the pipe inner surface recovers and separates product and significantly reduces effluent. Eco-IcePush can overcome difficulties experienced by traditional pigs that cannot be used on tight-radius bends, through valve systems, in piping systems where the diameter of the pipe changes, or where the product flows through heat exchangers or other ancillary equipment.

Typical applications include: the reduction of white water in dairies, better product recovery and better cleaning in brewery, juice and beverage plants, and many similar applications in the food, health and personal care industries. GEA is currently running trials with customers to perfect the process for each application.

The service will not require capital expenditure from users and will be covered by a service agreement.

Features include: increased product yield through clear product separation and better product recovery; complex geometries and difficult pipeline configurations present no problem; minimal risk - if the ice pig were to get stuck, it will simply melt; positive impact on cleaning times as it also acts as a highly efficient pipeline cleaning system compared to water flushing; positive impact on the environment as effluent is reduced; improved OEE.

GEA has a licence agreement with the University of Bristol and delivers Eco-Icepush as a service to the processing industry.

Phone: 03 9335 9516
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