Breakfast cereal flaking rolls enhanced

Friday, 28 August, 2009 | Supplied by: SPX Flow Inc

Baker Perkins has introduced new versions of its breakfast cereal flaking rolls with a number of enhancements designed to improve operation and maintenance.

A completely new drive arrangement reduces maintenance and noise; the option of acoustic covers improves operators’ conditions; and an updated water cooling module simplifies operation.

A major improvement is the substitution of a precision timing belt drive for the previous torque arm gearbox. Maintenance is reduced because of increased accessibility to the flaking rolls themselves, machine footprint is reduced and noise and vibration cut.

In an environment in which workplace noise is rapidly growing as an issue, the new flaking roll drive features acoustic covers over the roll drives as standard. There is also an option for hinged acoustic covers at each end of the unit.

The water cooling heat exchanger unit plays an essential part in maintaining water for the roll cooling system within a 0.2 °C tolerance band - consistent roll surface temperature is essential for optimum flake consistency.

The company’s flaking rolls can be used to convert cooked grains and extruded pellets into a wide range of corn, bran and multigrain flakes ready for toasting. Most users chose high output 1120 mm wide units to meet increasing consumer demand.

Flaking rolls are an essential module in the company’s Cereal Master TX and EX expandable lines. These allow manufacturers to install a basic line for a limited range of cereals and then add more units, to increase the range and value of products, as market and business conditions change.

The Cereal Master TX includes a flaking roll in its standard configuration for making wheat and bran flakes using the traditional steam cooking process. Other units can be added later to extend the product range to include corn, multigrain and frosted flakes.

A standard Cereal Master EX line producing extruded cereals such as corn balls, multigrain rings, alphabet shapes and cocoa balls can be extended through additional units (including the flaking roll), to make a range of flakes, multigrain flakes and filled pillows.

These latest flaking roll enhancements follow the introduction of the latest hydraulics technology to improve reliability and operation. This is offered as an upgrade for existing equipment and as standard with new machines.

Maintaining a precise and constant gap between the 2-ton contra-rotating flaking rolls is crucial to achieving consistent product quality. Any minor variation changes flake thickness and bulk density, resulting in under- or over-toasting and rejected product. Adjustability is also important to maximise flexibility.

The hydraulic system is employed to draw a pivoted roll toward a fixed roll and ensure the preset gap is constantly maintained. The previous generation provided satisfactory performance but maintenance was complicated and costly.

The new hydraulics system is versatile and compact and accommodated within the envelope of the machine. The time and inconvenience of demounting the whole cylinder assembly during maintenance is eliminated and improved sealing against dust enhances reliability.

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